Guide to Blue Cruise Voyages

in Turkey

Welcome to our guide to Blue Cruise Holidays in Turkey!

The term "Blue Cruise" refers to a type of sailing vacation in which you will travel on a Turkish gulet or motor sailing yacht through the beautiful turquoise waters of the south coast of Turkey. 

In this guide, you will find information on Blue Cruise deals, private yacht rentals, and answers to frequently asked questions.

Whether you are an experienced sailor or new to this type of vacation, we hope this guide will provide you with all the information you need to plan a fantastic Blue Cruise in Turkey.

Popular Blue Cruise Packages

Sail, Swim and Sun in Antalya in Turkey

Sail, Swim, and Sun

Enjoy the warm sun in Turkey, swim along the shores to hidden coves, and eat under the starlight onboard your gulet.

Yoga Blue Cruise in Antalya in Turkey

Yoga Blue Cruise

There are package deals for Yoga Blue Cruise voyages, and you can rent boats for your retreat in Turkey

Boot & Bike Cruise in Antalya in Turkey

Boot & Bike Cruise

Enjoy the sun, sea, and sail while spending your days hiking and biking along the shores of the Lycian Coast in Turkey.

Tailor Made Cruise in Antalya in Turkey

Tailor Made Cruise

Renting an all-inclusive private gulet yacht with a custom-made itinerary is a great option, if you are traveling with at least 5 other people.

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Things You Should Know Before a Blue Cruise

Welcome to our guide to Blue Cruise holidays! The Aegan and Lycian Coasts in Turkey are some of the most popular destinations for these types of vacations. On a Blue Cruise, you will sail along a fixed route, stopping at various points along the way.

The exact route may vary depending on the wind and weather conditions, as well as the preferences of the skipper and the guests. For example, the group may choose to stop in a beautiful bay for lunch, dinner, and overnight stays. We hope this guide will help you plan a memorable Blue Cruise vacation in Turkey.

  • Packages: The price of a cruise package typically includes the cost of flights, transfers from the airport to the ship and back, and full board on the ship. The price may vary depending on the amenities and features of the ship, such as whether it has air conditioning or luxuries like a hot tub. Cruises are available in a range of categories, from basic ships with minimal amenities to luxurious 5-star ships with a range of amenities and features.
  • Cabins: The layout and amenities of the cabins on a cruise ship vary depending on the class of the ship and the type of cabin you choose. Cabins may have double beds or two single beds, and may come with bedding and towels. The amenities in the cabin depend on the class of the ship and may include separate toilets and showers. There is also a cabin for the crew and the skipper on board the ship.
  • Living and Deck: Most cruise ships have a salon area with a kitchen and table for eating and relaxation, as well as a sundeck with a canopy and outdoor furniture, such as couches, chairs, and tables. The sundeck also has plenty of space for passengers to lie in the sun. The specific layout and furniture of the salon and sundeck depend on the ship.
  • Activities and Excursions: Cruise ships often have basic gear for snorkeling and swimming, such as diving fins, available on board. Some cruise packages may include excursions as part of the holiday package deal, depending on the type of cruise, such as a boot and bike cruise. The availability of excursions and the specific activities offered will vary depending on the cruise and the destination.
  • Tips: It is common to tip the crew at the end of a blue cruise as a way of expressing appreciation for their service. This tip is an important part of the crew's income and is usually given at the end of the cruise. The amount of the tip is usually at the discretion of the passenger and can vary depending on the level of service provided.
  • Food and Drinks: Cruise packages typically include full board with meals such as breakfast, lunch, dinner, and afternoon tea or coffee. Soft drinks, beer, and wine are usually included in the price at lunchtime, while other drinks such as rakı or imported branded alcohol can be purchased on board. The specific meals and drinks included in the package will vary depending on the cruise and the destination.

Tailor Made Blue Cruise Rentals

The Guide to Blue Cruise Voyages in Turkey

Rent a Gulet for a Tailor Made Blue Cruise

Renting a yacht for a holiday in Turkey is a unique and customizable experience.

If you are traveling with at least 5 people, a yacht charter can be a more cost-effective option compared to a blue cruise package deal. With a yacht rental, you have complete control over the route and destinations you visit in Turkey or nearby islands in Greece. Yacht rentals also offer more privacy for you and your traveling companions.

We can help you arrange a private rental with a daily flat rate fee from trusted providers.

This usually includes:

  • Marina Fees: When renting a yacht in Turkey, it is important to check whether marina fees are included in the all-inclusive flat rate per day provided by your travel agency. Some agencies may include these fees in the rate, while others may not. If you plan to visit a marina in Greece, there may be additional fees for this service. It is best to clarify whether marina fees are included or not before chartering a yacht, or be prepared to pay the fees if you are unsure of how long you will be staying in a marina.
  • Skipper and Crew: When chartering a boat in Turkey, it is common for the vessel to come with at least one experienced skipper and a suitable crew on board. The crew typically includes a cook and one or two additional service staff members. The cost of the crew is usually included in the daily rate for the boat rental. It is customary to pay an additional tip to the crew at the end of the trip as a way of thanking them for their service.
  • Equipment: The type and quantity of water sports gear on board may vary depending on the specific boat. Some examples of equipment that may be available include snorkeling gear, swimming hoops, diving fins, and yoga mats. If you are interested in using any of these items during your trip, please inquire with us about the availability of the equipment before booking your reservation.
  • Electricity and Gas in Marinas: Depending on the provider, the cost of fuel, electricity, insurance, and taxes may be included in the price of your reservation at the marina. Please confirm with the provider about the inclusion of these costs in your reservation.
  • Tips for the Crew: It is common practice to tip the crew of charter boats at the end of a cruise, as tips are a significant part of their income. Please keep this in mind when budgeting for your trip.
  • Food and Drinks: When it comes to food and drink on board a boat, you have the option to either purchase and store your own supplies or have the crew handle it for you. Some people enjoy fishing on board or buying local food from marina markets, while others prefer the convenience of an all-inclusive package with food and drinks provided. The choice is yours.

Tailor Made Travel Planning

Contact us for custom travel planning with local know how, benefits, and privileges on carefully selected ships, hotels, and resorts in Turkey.

B2B Blue Cruise Rentals for Incentives, Retreats, and Group Travel

A Blue Cruise is an amazing incentive for your event in Turkey. We are glad to assist you in choosing the right ship, including transfers from the hotel with a private car, minibus, or bus, possible additional incentives on board, team building events, catering, and the whole accompanying program.

As part of our services, we also arrange ships for B2B, for example for retreats in Turkey, group bookings for travel agencies, and business events in Turkey. 

Ships are available starting with 4 cabins for overnight cruises. For larger groups we can arrange several yachts as an exclusive flotilla or single ships for more than 50 passengers. 

The availability and kind of ships depends on your location in Turkey.

Feel free to contact us for a free initial consultation to see if we can meet your expectations.

Blue Cruise Packages in Antalya in Turkey

Example Blue Cruise Packages

Blue Voyage Packages consist of the flight, transfer, and the cabin onboard your gulet with full board

Suluada in Antalya in Turkey 2

1. Fethiye to Antalya

Day 1, Arrival Friday: Arrival in Antalya or Dalaman, depending on the direction, transfer to the yacht. Dinner. 

Day 2, First day: After breakfast, the anchor will be hauled in and your Blue Voyage can begin. Departure, depending on the wind direction, to swim in the former harbor of the ancient city of Phaselis. The next few days you look for the wind, so you can enjoy sailing. A beautiful bay is chosen for lunch, and later for dinner and sleeping.

Day 3 to 6, Week: The detailed route depends on the wind and weather conditions and is determined daily by the skipper and the guests. You will visit places like the island Suluada, the sunken city of Simena, Kaputaş Beach, and the harbor of Kaş.

Day 7, Arrival: Sail from Ölüdeniz Beach, the beautiful Butterfly Valley, and Saint Nicholas Island to the marina in Fethiye and spend the night in the harbor city.

Day 8, Departure: Transfer to the airport or to an extension hotel in Turkey.

Simena Kalekoy Ancient City in Antalya in Turkey

2. Lycian Coast 

Day 1, Arrival Sunday: Arrival in Antalya or Dalaman. Transfer to the harbor in Kemer or Göcek depending on the direction. Dinner.

Day 2, First day: Sailing to Suluada Island with a stop at the ancient harbor of Phaselis for swimming. The day will end at the sunken city of Simena.

Day 3, Kaş: Sailing between the Greek island of Kastelorizo and the Turkish harbor town, Kaş. Night in the marina in Kaş with dinner at one of the restaurants. 

Day 4, To Patara: Visit the famous Patara Beach, Kaputaş Beach, and spend a day with the sun, summer, and sea.

Day 5, to Fethiye: Sail to the harbor town of Fethiye, with stops at the beautiful Butterfly Valley, hot springs close to Ölüdeniz Beach, and the ruins on St. Nicholas Island. You will spend the night in a beautiful cove. 

Day 6, Departure: Transfer to the airport or to an extension hotel in Turkey. 

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Available Yachts in Turkey

Yachts Available in Turkey

Rent a traditional Turkish gulet yacht, a ship like a Bavaria sailing yacht, or a ship for group activities in Turkey

Gulet Yacht

Traditional 3 to 6 cabin Turkish motor sailing ship with a kitchen, living room, showers, air conditioning, and more.

Charter Yacht

Charter a yacht, like a Bavaria, for sailing along the shores of the Lycian Coast in the Antalya and Muğla districts in Turkey. 

For Day Trips

There are numerous day trips with gulet yachts available in all beach resort towns in Turkey. Check out our Ticket Shop for tours.

For Groups

Rent a gulet for up to 50 passengers for incentives, group travel, special occasions, like a wedding, and more. 

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