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How to Fly to Antalya [The complete Guide]

This is our complete guide on how to fly to Antalya. 

Here you will read everything you have to know about Antalya AYT Airport, Alanya-Gazipasa GZP Airport and Dalaman DLM Airport in the neighbouring Province Muğla. 

Let us start with a description of the two airports in Antalya province and which ones are the best option depending on your destination. 

Airports in Antalya

  • Antalya AYT: The main airport in Antalya hosts more than 25 million passengers every year. The airport operates international flights in the off season in winter and in summer season. Antalya AYT is the best option to visit any place in the province.
  • Alanya-Gazipasa GZP: The second airport in the province is located 150 km to the east of Antalya AYT. There is only a limited number of direct international flights to Alanya-Gazipasa. The airport is an option to fly to beach resort towns between Side and Alanya.
  • Dalaman DLM: The airport is located in the neighbouring province Muğla. Dalaman is only an option to visit the western beach resort towns in Antalya between Patara and Kaş.

Antalya Airport AYT

Antalya AYT Airport is the main airport in Antalya Province. The airport is located 10 km from the city centre of Antalya. 

AYT is the main airport in Antalya and therefore an option to go to every resort town. It is also the only viable option if you want to go quickly to the western part of Antalya province, the Lycian Coast.

The airport welcomes every year more than 25 million passengers with flight connections to hundreds of international cities. Therefore, it is very easy to reach Antalya in summer season between April and October directly from Europe, Russia and Middle East.

  • Connections: Turkish Airlines, SunExpress, Pegasus Airlines, Corendon Airlines, Anadolu Jet, Onur Air, Freebird Airlines and Atlas Global are based at Antalya AYT. International Airlines like Lufthansa, Aeroflot and easyJet are operating regular flights to Antalya.  Additionally, there are a huge amounts of charter flights for Package Holidays in summer season between April and October.  
  • Terminal: Antalya AYT consists of two international terminals and a national terminal. Both international terminals are operating in summer season. In winter usually only one international terminal is operating.  There are shops, restaurants, cafés and airport lounges at the terminals. 
  • Public Transport: For the transfer to beach resorts at the Turquoise Coast in the east and the Lycian Coast in the west we recommend a shuttle transfer or private transfer, because there are very few direct bus connections.

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Alanya-Gazipasa Airport GZP

Alanya-Gazipasa GZP is the second airport in Antalya province. It is located 160 km to the east from Antalya in Gazipasa district. 

The airport is small in comparison with Antalya and hosts only 1,5 million passengers every year. 

The airport is located 40 km to the east of the popular beach resort town Alanya, therefore the name Alanya-Gazipasa.

The airport is a viable option to go to resort towns between Side and Alanya. The other resort towns to the west of Alanya-Gazipasa are closer to Antalya AYT airport. 

Flights to Alanya-Gazipasa GZP are usually a little cheaper than to Antalya AYT, because you have to change the plane. 

  • Connections: There is a limited amount of direct flights to Alanya-Gazipasa from international destinations, even in summer. Therefore, you have to change the plane usually in Istanbul or Ankara to fly to Alanya-Gazipasa GZP. 
  • Terminal: The advantage of Alanya-Gazipasa is the size of the airport. Usually you can leave the small national and international terminal after landing 10 to 15 minute later. The disadvantage is the small number of direct lights as already mentioned. There are only small shops in the terminal. 
  • Public Transport: The airport transfer options are limited at Alanya-Gazipasa, but there are direct busses to Alanya. For other destinations, like Konakli, Avsallar and Side we recommend an airport transfer. 

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Dalaman Airport DLM

Dalaman DLM ist the airport in the neighbouring Muğla Province to the west of Antalya. The airport is an option for tourist that want to go to the western part of Antalya, namely the region between Patara and Kaş.

With more than 20 million passengers Dalaman is the second-largest airport at the Turkish south coast. 

Unfortunately, there is only a limited number of direct airport transfer options from Dalaman to Patara and Kaş.

Therefore, passengers have to take the public transport, long-distance-bus, a private transfer or rent a car. 

  • Connections: There are direct flights to Dalaman DLM in summer season between April and October from major airports. Sometimes it is necessary to change planes in Istanbul or Ankara. 
  • Terminal: Dalaman is a modern airport with a national and an international terminal. There are restaurants, cafés, shops and airport lounges at the terminals.
  • Public Transport: There are good public transfer options to the resort towns in the nearby district of Fethiye. The available busses to Patara and Kaş are limited. 
tandem paragliding in Alanya in Turkey

Antalya is a destination for summer, sun and beach holidays. It is easy to find flights in summer. 

How to find Flights to Antalya

Antalya is a destination for Package Travel Deals. The majority of travelers who are visiting Antalya are booking their holidays therefore with a travel agency or online travel agency. 

The Package Deals usually include the flight to Antalya, airport transfer, accommodation, food and beverages at the hotels (all-inclusive). 

You can also find flights to Antalya with the usually websites to comparison flights, like Skyscanner, Momondo and Kayak. 

The Turkey based airlines SunExpress, Turkish Airlines, Pegasus Airlines, Onur Air and Corendon are based at Antalya AYT airport. Therefore, a majority of flights to Antalya are operated by the airlines. 

Additionally, there are charter flights operated in the main season between April and October.

Keep in mind, that there are only a few international flights departing Alanya-Gazipasa airport. This is also true in the main season in summer. The main airport to visit Antalya is therefore Antalya AYT. 

More ancient Ruins in Antalya in Turkey

The price depends on your personal preferences. Often Package Deals are cheaper than a single flight. 

How much does a Flight to Antalya cost?

The price range depends on the season, the time of booking and the airline. 

Airlines offer early booking discounts starting December until March for summer season between April and October. The discounts are up to 40 % in comparison to the normal price. 

There are also discounted package travel deals offered by travel agencies for summer holidays. The discounts are also offered between December and March for early booking. You can expect to save up to 40 % in comparison to the normal price. 

Keep in mind, that Last Minute does not save that much money than several years ago. Package Travel Deals are now created dynamically. Therefore, travel agencies do not book that many fixed seats in planes that they have to sell Last Minute. 

Beach at Limak Lara Hotel in Antalya Turkey

Boutique Hotels, 5 Star Beach Resorts and Private Villas with Pool. The price depends on your personal preferences. 

How much does a Package Holiday Deal cost?

The price depends on the class of your hotel in Antalya, for example a 3-Star Hotel vs. 5-Star Resorts, all-inclusive deals with transfer, food, beverages, accommodation and the season. 

There are also exclusive hotel deals with private pool and villa, high class hotels and boutique hotels in Antalya. 

Therefore, the price range depends on your personal travel plans. 

Generally, there are cheaper option available in spring and fall in comparison to the main holiday season between June and September. 

Plan Your Ideal Holidays Now

Start planning your holidays with our travel agents and enjoy exclusive benefits in selected resorts in Antalya. 

Dolmus Bus in Antalya in Turkey

Check if the airport transfer is already included in your Package Deal. 

Airport Transfer Option in Antalya

The usual package deals to Antalya include already the airport transfer with a shuttle bus to your hotel. Always check if the transfer is already included before booking another transfer. 

Available alternatives to shuttle busses offered by travel agencies are Private-Transfer (VIP) options with an own car and driver. In comparison to the shuttle transfer options this can save up to 60 minutes on your way to the hotel. 

Taxis are only an  option to get to places located in Antalya-City, because the price of prebooked Private-Transfers is usually cheaper with a higher quality of transportation. 

Public transport is only a viable option to get to the city center of Antalya. There is a direct tramway connection from the airport to the center. 

There are more than ten rental car companies located at Antalya airport. Feel free to contact us for available rental car options at Antalya AYT and Alanya-Gazipasa GZP. 

  • Shuttle Bus: The price for a shuttle bus transfer is paid per person, depending on your location in Antalya.
  • Private-Transfer: Offers include a car and a private driver. Therefore, a private transfer is usually cheaper for more than three people in comparison to a shuttle bus. 

Public Transport in Antalya

There are only a few viable options to go from the airport to your resort in Antalya. 

Public busses stop at dedicated places in the Resort Towns. Families usually travel with several pieces of luggage and their kids. Therefore, you would have to walk from the bus station with everything to your hotel. 

Therefore, we recommend public transport only if you stay in the city center of Antalya. 

The shuttle busses offered by travel agencies cost only a few Euros more, and they take you directly to your hotel. 

If you want to learn more about the public transport in Antalya, here are our guides. 

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