Guide to Customs Regulations in Turkey 

Last Updated on April 22, 2024
Customs Regulation Turkey

When traveling to Turkey, you should be aware of all the custom regulations if you decide to buy items from the duty-free shops at the airport, import or export goods from Turkey, or transport money during your travel.

That is why we created this complete guide to customs regulations in Turkey. Here, you will find the allowed amount of goods, alcohol, and cigarettes, as well as answers to frequently asked questions about this topic.

Keep in mind that you can also read our ultimate Antalya Shopping Guide and get all the best tips for easy and affordable shopping.

Import Regulations (Customs)

Free import of the following goods is allowed:

  • Imported Tobacco products (for travelers over 18 years of age): 200 cigarettes and 50 cigars and 200 gm tobacco (with 200 cigarette paper) or 200 gm pipe tobacco or 200 gm tobacco for nargileh or 200 gm chewing tobacco or 50 gm snuff 
  • Tobacco products in Turkish Duty-Free Shops (for travelers over 18 years of age): Additionally, it is possible to acquire 200 cigarettes, 100 cigars and 500 g of pipe tobacco in Turkish duty-free stores upon entry.
  • Alcoholic Beverages (for travelers over 18 years of age): 1 (100 cl) or 2 (75cl or 70 cl) bottles of wine and/or spirits 
  • Perfume: max. 120 milliliter of perfume, cologne, eau-de-cologne, lavender water, essence or lotion 
  • Coffee & Tea: 1.5 kg coffee, 1.5 kg instant coffee and 500 gm tea
  • Confectionery:  1 kg candies and 1 kg chocolate 
  • Medicine: medications for personal use
  • Jewelry: up to a max. of USD 15,000 
  • Gifts & personal belongings: up to the value of EUR 300 (EUR 150 for those aged under 15)

For more import regulations, please check the official website.

These regulations do not apply to transit passengers.

Important: Please be advised that Turkey has a strict drug policy. The import, export, or possession of even a small quantity of illegal drugs is punished with an imprisonment sentence.

Export Regulations (Customs)

Free export of the following goods is allowed:

  • Tobacco products: 2 kg/3 cartons of local tobacco products
  • Alcoholic beverages: 5 liters of alcoholic beverages/12 bottles of Rakı/local drinks
  • Food products: up to a total value of TRY 100, with each item not exceeding 5 kg
  • Gift items: up to a value of TRY 5,000
  • Jewelry: The value of personal jewelry may not exceed a total value of USD 15,000. A higher value must have been declared to the customs authorities upon entry.

The export of the following goods is prohibited:

  • Antiques & cultural goods (carpets, sculptures, statues, coins, icons, paintings, colored tiles and ceramics, metal objects, and similar goods)
  • Tea
  • Coffee
  • Grain products
  • Spices
  • Cacao

Important: There are severe prison sentences for the export of cultural objects, historical items, and antiquities!

Cash Allowed without Declaration

In Turkey, there is no restriction on the amount of foreign and Turkish currency that can be brought into the country.

However, when leaving the country, you are not allowed to export more than 5,000 US dollars or the equivalent in Turkish or foreign currencies. Amounts exceeding this must be declared.

Duty-Free Shopping in Turkey (VAT Refund)

The regular VAT rate in Turkey is 18%, but some products such as textiles, shoes, bags, and books have a 8% VAT rate.

Anyone who does not have a permanent residence permit in Turkey and spends at least 100 Turkish Lira plus VAT on a purchase can receive a tax-free invoice and get the VAT back.

You can find the tax-free office located in the departure area of the Antalya Airport, Istanbul Airport, and some other major international airports in Turkey.

The tax refund must be applied for. The items must be presented to customs in their original packaging along with the tax-free invoice. After approval, a part of the VAT will be refunded in Euro or USD. If the goods are to be transported in a suitcase, it must be checked in at the customs department.

Please be aware that the VAT refund process is very time consuming. So make sure you are at the airport on time.

Important: Please check import regulations for your destination country.

Shopping Tips & Transfer in Antalya

While visiting Antalya Province, many places will tempt you with nice shops, bazaars and streets dedicated to local craft and fashion items. Of course, knowing that Antalya welcomes more than 15 millions people, it is obvious that the area had to adapt and offer interesting shopping options for every taste.

In our ultimate Antalya Shopping Guide, we have shared an extensive amount of tips for better shopping at best prices. 

By far, the most popular place for shopping in Antalya is the Manavgat Bazaar. There are several tours available:

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Drone Import and Use in Turkey for Foreigners

Importing drones is not possible in 99% of cases. Drones must be registered in Turkey. However, this is only possible with a Turkish ID card. 

An exception is made for drones that are lighter than 500 grams. In addition, there are very strict rules on flying drones in Turkey. If you break the rules, such as flying in a restricted area or above 120 meters, your drone will be confiscated immediately. 

Therefore, if at all, you should only fly your drone in your hotel area.

If you have further questions, don't hesitate to ask in the comment section below. 

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