The Complete Guide to Nightlife in the Antalya Province 

If you spend your holiday in Antalya, you will have the pleasure to get a taste of the colorful nightlife in the region. Whether you are in Antalya, Side, Kaş, or Alanya, the evenings are full of events and things to do.

Clubs, bars, restaurants, shows, live music, and late night coffees shops... There are plenty of places open until very late that will provide you with fun and entertainment.

On this page, find all the answers to popular questions about nightlife in the Antalya province. You will read about the best locations, prices, alcohol in general in Turkey, opening hours, customs in Turkey, parties at all inclusive resorts, and general questions. 

Let's dive into it...

Nightlife Districts in Antalya Province

Where Are the Best Nightlife Districts in the Antalya Province?

The Nightlife in Antalya happens between the all-inclusive bars, clubs, and pubs in the beach resorts and in selected places throughout the province.

Generally, there are four very popular places in the Antalya district with thriving nightlife. 

In addition to the four places mentioned below all beach resort towns in Antalya have some local restaurants. 

  • Kaleiçi: Antalya's city center, Kaleiçi, has numerous bars, clubs, karaokes, restaurants, and pubs. The nightlife is generally outgoing with a lot of young locals from universities and tourists. Another example is Beach Park in Konyaaltı, Antalya, which is more local. Read about more things to do in Kaleiçi, Antalya and more information about the history of Antalya's city center.
  • Side's Old Town: There are dozens of restaurants, bars, and open air clubs on the Side peninsula. This is a popular location for people, who are staying at one of the nearby beach resorts in Side, Kumköy, Evreneki, Colakli, Sorgun, and Titreyengöl, to go for a night out. In Side there are mainly tourists. The prices are higher than in the other locations. Read about more things to do in Side's old town.
  • Alanya Harbor: The street between Alanya's harbor, Alanya's Red Tower and the Alanya's Castle are filled with restaurants, pubs, and bars. Most of the visitors are tourists, but there are also some locals. In Oba, Alanya there are also a lot of restaurants, bars, and pubs. 
  • Kaş Harbor: For everyone who is staying in the western part of Antalya and the on Lycian Coast, the Kaş harbor is one of the most popular places to visit at night. There are fish restaurants with rakı, bars, clubs, and pubs located there. Read about more things to do in Kaş

Try Local Food at Restaurants

In Turkey, people like to take an extensive amount of time to eat and the table is always richly stocked. At a traditional rakı sofrası, a rakı table, there are countless hot and cold meze on the table and people eat and drink for hours. Rakı is drunk with fish and this drink is also very popular with meat dishes.

Often the meal is accompanied by Turkish folk songs, which are sometimes performed live. Turkish rakı songs sound melancholic and are usually about love, desire, and remembering. Traditional songs are often played and many Turkish people know them from memory. Learn more about food in Antalya in the following articles.

Popular Local Alcohol from Turkey

Turkey is a Muslim country, but alcohol is sold almost everywhere.

Every supermarket and also every tekel buffet has spirits. There are places that do not serve alcohol, especially in the more rural areas. Other than that, alcohol is served almost everywhere in tourist areas.

Only during Ramadan, the month of fasting, restaurants that usually serve alcohol may not do so.

Popular Turkish alcohols you should know:

  • Rakı: Of alcoholic beverages, rakı is the Turkish national drink, as such. It's made from grapes harvested when they are ripe and then are fermented and distilled. Anise is then added and it's distilled again. The drink has a licorice-like taste. When combined with water, the anise precipitates and the drink turns a milky white color. After each sip of rakı, a sip of water is taken. The clear liquor has an alcohol content of 40-50%. The most famous varieties are Yeni Rakı and Tekirdağ Rakı.
  • Turkish Wine: People in Turkey drink very little wine. The per person consumption per year is less than one liter. The Aegean and Marmara regions produce almost 60% of all Turkish wines. However, wines from the growing regions in southern Central Anatolia are also well-known, such as Turasan from Cappadocia or Kalecik Karası from Ankara.
  • Efes Beer: Efes Brewery is the best known and largest brewery in Turkey and also operates branches abroad. The beer is brewed according to German purity laws. It takes its name from the city of Ephesus near Izmir, where this Turkish beer was first brewed.
Raki is the Turkish National Alcoholic Drink

Prices for Alcohol & Food and Opening Hours in Antalya

Prices in Restaurants: The prices in restaurants are very different depending on location and what they offer. While you can eat very cheaply in more rural areas and get very affordable dinner in simpler restaurants, prices in the cities and in tourist areas can reach Central European levels.

Prices for Alcohol: Alcohol is very highly taxed in Turkey and is therefore relatively expensive. That's why many tourists prefer all-inclusive resorts. Alcohol is not served in every pub and restaurant, but in the tourist areas, alcohol is served almost everywhere.

Opening Hours: In Turkey, people eat dinner relatively late, around 20:00 the restaurants start to fill up. They are usually open until midnight, often longer if there are still guests in the house. In more rural areas, restaurants often close earlier.

Nightlife in Side old town in Antalya Turkey

Turkish Nightlife Customs

Every evening, the restaurants serving rakı are filled with locals enjoying the national drink accompanied by Turkish music. Rakı is also called "Lion's milk" and is accompanied by countless mezes and meat or fish.

If you just want to drink a beer and not eat, you should go to a pub. However, if there is a soccer match on TV, they will all be crowded and the matches will be broadcast on huge screens. Turkish people love soccer and the games are watched in a lively way, full of enthusiasm. Don't be surprised by loud comments and when a goal is scored, the whole pub will be roaring - provided it's for the right team.

Typical Turkish cafés are reserved for men. Here, people meet to chat and play backgammon. Alcohol is not served, but the locals drink strong black tea. There is at least one café in every neighborhood, which is frequented until late in the evening.

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The Land of Legends Theme Park ath Night in Turkey

Concerts, Festivals, and Shows in Antalya

Numerous concerts and festivals are held in Antalya throughout most of the year, such as the Antalya Opera and Ballet Festival in June, the Antalya Tourism Festival in July, the International Folk Music and Dance Festival in August, and the Ibradi Grape Festival in September, just to name a few.

  • Golden Orange Film Festival (Altın Portakal Film Festivali): This is one of the most important festivals in Turkey and the most famous festival in Antalya. It was first held in 1964 in the ancient theater of Aspendos, but then it was moved to Antalya. Awards are given to the best national and international films. The symbol is a golden orange, which is also called a Turkish Oscar.
  • International Arts and Culture Festival, Side: At the end of August, Side hosts the annual International Arts and Culture Festival. It's held both in the ancient theater and near the harbor, where visitors enjoy classical music against the impressive backdrop of the Temple of Apollo. Read about more things to do in Side's old town.
  • Fire of Antatolia: In Aspendos, the ancient theater from the 2nd century BC, concerts are held regularly during the summer months.  The internationally known Fire of Anatolia is a music and dance group with 90 members who tell the story of Anatolia by dance, folklore, and theater. The group has performed in 2,750 shows in over 75 countries.
  • Jazz Festival, Alanya: Jazz lovers will enjoy this festival in Alanya at the end of September. Against the backdrop of the historic Red Tower, national and international artists perform jazz music.
  • Lycian Arts and Culture Festival Kaş: The ancient theater of Antiphellos, built in the 1st century BC, serves as the stage for the Lycian Arts and Culture Festival in Kaş, which features dance shows and performances by the State Ballet and the State Opera. The stage faces the sea directly. Therefore, the festival is celebrated along with the residents on the opposite Greek island of Meis. This makes it a special kind of cultural event.
  • The Land of Legends: This theme park offers an impressive show every evening on the canal that flows through the shopping mall. With dazzling lights, imaginative costumes, and impressive musical shows, you will be taken into the world of fairy tales. Read more about the Land of Legends Theme Park in Antalya.
Bar in Paloma Orenda Hotel in Antalya Turkey

Beach Resort Nightlife in Antalya

The beach resorts in Antalya have their own nightlife. Each resort has several bars and pubs and at least one club where a DJ plays in the evening. Live shows are often performed in the theaters.

If you have booked all-inclusive, all drinks, including alcoholic ones, are also free. However, alcoholic beverages are mostly limited to locally produced ones, i.e. rakı, Turkish wine, and Turkish beer. The ultra-all-inclusive concept also includes foreign branded drinks, be it Red Bull in your cocktail or a whiskey at the bar.

In addition, there are some party hotels in Antalya that cater to parties of all kinds, both with their facilities and their concept. An example of this is Adam & Eve Hotel in Belek.

Popular Clubs in Antalya Province

Popular Clubs in the Antalya Province

  • Kadir's Tree House: Kadir's Tree Houses in Olympos are considered to be an insider tip. Here you will not find flat-rate tourists, but a colorful, international audience. Backpackers dominate here.
  • Lighthouse Club: The Lighthouse Club in Side is directly on the harbor and offers the right open-air club vibes with a view of the Apollo Temple in the background, in addition to neon lights and disco balls.
  • Club29: With several bars and a restaurant, Club29 in the Antalya marina is one of the largest open-air discos in the region. The guests are mainly younger people.
  • Havana Club: The Havana Club in Alanya is a huge open-air disco where Turkish and international songs are played. The guests are mostly younger people. Read about more things to do in Alanya.
  • Club Inferno: Club Inferno in Kemer, about 50 kilometers from Antalya, can accommodate 3,000 guests and is known for its shows and stage performances that provide entertainment until the early hours of the morning. Read about more things to do in Kemer.
Nightlife Attractions in Antalya in Turkey

Nightlife Attractions in Antalya

There are several ways to make an evening special, below you may find some ideas.

  • Turkish Night: In the past, Turkish nights were used to entertain travelers who stayed in caravansaries, today hotel shows take visitors into a fairy tale of One Thousand and One Nights with folk dances, splendid costumes, and fire tricks. Of course, a Turkish belly dance performance is a must at this kind of show. The accompanying music is loud, foreign, and yet captivating. 
  • Boat Cruise: These trips start from Antalya, Alanya, and Kemer. The boats are en route along the coast for several hours and take numerous swimming breaks. Finally, there is a foam party on deck that you will not soon forget. 
  • Night on the Boat: In the evening, the sea and the lights on the coast look especially beautiful and give a very special, magical feeling. Evening boat trips are held anywhere along the coast. Dinner is included on board, as well as wine and beer. If you want, you can also have rakı.
  • The Land of Legends Show: The canal that stretches through the middle of the Land of Legends shopping mall with its white, palatial buildings to the fairy-tale castle, plays host, every evening, to a fantastic event that takes visitors to another world with dazzling lights reflected on the water, fanciful costumes, and Franco Dragone musical shows.
  • Concerts: Numerous concerts take place in Antalya and the surrounding area, especially during the summer months. One of the most famous is the "Fire of Anatolia", which is performed in Aspendos. The Roman theater dates from the 2nd century BC.

Tickets for Attractions

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

Can I drink alcohol in Turkey?

Yes, of course there is alcohol in Turkey. Even if there is not a pub in every small village, alcohol is served everywhere in the tourist areas. Turkish people prefer to drink rakı, the Turkish national drink, which has a taste similar to licorice.

How expensive is it to eat in a restaurant in Turkey?

The prices in the restaurants are very different depending on the location and what they offer. While you can eat very cheaply in more rural areas and simpler restaurants, prices in the cities and tourist areas can reach Central European levels.

What can I do in the evening?

There are many ways to have an interesting evening, be it on a boat tour, at a concert, in a Turkish pub, or having dinner overlooking the sea, just to name a few. The choice is yours...

How late are the restaurants open in Turkey?

In Turkey, people eat dinner relatively late, around 20:00 the restaurants start to fill up. They are usually open until midnight, often longer if there are still guests in the house. In more rural areas, restaurants often close earlier.

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