10 Unique Waterfalls in Antalya You Should Visit 

Last Updated on December 19, 2022
Waterfalls in Antalya in Turkey

Waterfalls create dreamy sceneries and are some of the top attractions for visitors to the Antalya region.  When visiting the Antalya region, make sure to visit at least 2 or 3 or these waterfalls and enjoy a refreshing moment in nature.

In this guide features the best and most unique waterfalls you should visit in Antalya, including the most popular waterfalls for those who want to explore nature around Antalya City Center and beaches in Antalya.

You will also find useful information about beach resort towns and major landmarks in Antalya to see during your visits. We have also collected some insider tips for the hidden valleys and canyons in Antalya.

1. Manavgat Waterfall

manavgat river in Antalya in Turkey

Manavgat Waterfall is one of the most visited waterfalls in Turkey, a true natural beauty in Antalya. Manavgat stream has plenty of water in all seasons and it creates a beautiful waterfall 4 km north of Manavgat. 

The high flow rate of the waterfall provides a suitable environment for water sports. Rafting on the river and safaris around the waterfall are some of the very popular activities around here. 

As you make your way through Manavgat, we suggest you also see Side's Old Town, the ancient city of Aspendos, and the famous Manavgat Bazaar.

It is possible to take a daily tour to Manavgat Waterfall organized by a travel operator. This kind of trip usually includes a Manavgat River Cruise and ends at the Manavgat Waterfall.

2. Karpuzkaldıran (Lower Düden Waterfall)

karpuzkaldiran waterfall in Antalya in Turkey

The 14 km long Düden Stream's source forms in the southern part of the Taurus Mountains. Düden Stream divides into two branches at a point called Düdenbaşı. The first branch, which is about 7 km away from Antalya, is called Lower Düden Waterfall, and the other branch, which is 1 km away from Varsak, is Upper Düden Waterfall. Both these two waterfalls eventually lead to the Mediterranean Sea.

Be sure not to get confused because they have the same name, this one is on the beach and pours into the sea, whereas Upper Düden Waterfall is located in the middle of the city. Lower Düden Waterfall, a unique beauty located in Düden Park in Lara district of Antalya is a powerful water attraction to see from the sidewalk but also from a boat on the water. 

Boat trips from Kaleiçi to the Waterfall are a popular attraction in Antalya. Also if you're not staying in central Antalya, you should know that there are organized tours from Antalya Old Town (Kaleiçi) with a stop at the waterfall!

3. Upper Düden Waterfall

Upper Duden Waterfall kepez in Antalya in Turkey

Upper Düden Waterfall is located in the Varsak District, within the boundaries of the Kepez District.

Upper Düden Waterfall is one of the best and most refreshing recreational areas, located about 12 kilometers northeast of Antalya. It is a magnificent natural beauty where you can breathe in the fresh air and take in the beautiful shades of green. It's not to be confused with the other waterfall named Lower Düden Waterfall, located on the cliff facing the sea.

The caves behind the waterfall are very interesting formations. The cavities of the caves are like a window that offers a beautiful view. You can even pass under where the waterfall flows. Do not forget to watch the waterfall from the cave behind the flowing water. Sometimes in the caves you have to bend down and they can be quite humid. Therefore, it's important to be careful not to slip.

4. Kurşunlu Waterfall

kursunlu waterfall in antalya in turkey

Kurşunlu Waterfall is located in the Aksu district, about 21 km from the center of Antalya. This area was opened to tourism in 1986, and then gained Natural Park status in 1991. There is one main waterfall and also many small waterfalls here, in addition to 7 small ponds. 

A trip to Kurşunlu Waterfall can be combined with a day trip to the ancient city of Termessos. It's one of the best preserved ancient cities in Turkey. The ancient city of Termessos is located in the direction of Korkuteli, 30 km northwest of Antalya. 

5. Kayabükü Uçansu Waterfall (Lower Uçansu Waterfall)

Lower Uçansu Waterfall is in the valley below Kayabükü village in Antalya's Gündoğmuş district. The waterfall's headwaters come from the summit of the Taurus Mountains and are fed by the melting snow from the Akdağ and Geyik mountains.

The air temperature in this region does not exceed 15 degrees, thus Uçansu Waterfall is great if you are seeking a cool place, especially in the hot summer months.

Uçansu Waterfall in Gündoğmuş is also situated on St. Paul Road, the second longest walking route in Turkey. 

6. Göynük Canyon Waterfall

goynuk canyon in kemer in antalya in Turkey

Göynük Canyon is the perfect place for people interested in outdoor sports, such as hiking and trekking. It is about 4 km away from Göynük in Kemer, a popular holiday resort town. 

Göynük Canyon will awe you with its idyllic nature and wild river, as well as picturesque waterfalls and an impressive canyon.

Being a kind of adventure park, various activities are offered around the canyon. These include rafting, canyoning safari tours, paintball, and guided walking tours for a canyoning adventure.

If you want even more thrills, you can take a ride down the zipline, which is 40 meters above the ground.

7. Upper Uçansu Waterfall (Serik)

upper ucansu serik in Antalya in Turkey

Uçansu waterfall is located in the village of Akçapınar, near the town of Gebiz, in the Serik district in the Antalya province. It's 57 km from Antalya and 54 km from Serik.

The best time to visit Upper Uçansu Waterfall is in the spring or first months of summer. The water level is high in the rainy season during the spring but there are times when the water is completely cut off in the dry season during the summer.

The upper waterfall can be reached from the village of Kozan. You can drive up to the path leading to Upper Uçansu Waterfall. From here, it's about a half-hour walk to the waterfall. King's Pool at the top is an ideal natural pool if you want to cool off.

8. King's Pool at Upper Uçansu Waterfall

ucansu waterfall kings pool in Antalya in Turkey

King's Pool is surrounded with fresh pine trees at the summit of Upper Uçansu Waterfall and creates poetic scenery with its turquoise waters.

Upper Uçansu Waterfall pours from a height of 70 meters and Lower Uçansu Waterfall from a height of 51 meters. They create a natural pool 1.5 to 4 meters deep above the waterfalls. This natural pool, with ice-cold water, is a hidden treasure in nature.

9. Sapadere Canyon Waterfall

sapadere waterfall in antalya in turkey

Sapadere Waterfall is located 175 km from Antalya, in Alanya. The canyon is approximately 40 km from Alanya.

There are various small and large waterfalls, as well as many small ponds to swim in. Sapadere Waterfall stands at the end of a hiking trail. It forms a crystal clear pond, if you dare to get into ice cold water.

Many tour operators organize daily trips to Sapadere Canyon. If you are seeking an adventure, get in touch with local tour operators for a Jeep Safari in the canyon.

10. Kocaçay Waterfall

kocacay waterfall in Antalya in Turkey

Kocaçay Waterfall is a hidden gem located in the forest in Aksu, in the Döşemealtı district in the Antalya province. You can reach the waterfall after a short walk (about 1 km). It flows into Ekşili Pond from an altitude of approximately 50 meters. The hard karstic steep rocks form the beds of the waterfall.

Kocaçay Waterfall has the most beautiful colors of nature in every season, It attracts many visitors especially in the summer months. It's a fascinating place with rich biological diversity and all shades of green.

Have you ever been to one of these waterfalls? Tell us about your experience in the comments below!

Now you can continue to discover Antalya's natural beauty with many amazing parks and canyons to discover.

Read more about Antalya's natural beauties in the canyons and national parks categories.

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