Top Neighborhoods To Live in Antalya as a Foreigner 

Last Updated on March 12, 2024
Top Neighborhoods To Live in Antalya as a Foreigner

Antalya, a beautiful spot on Turkey's Mediterranean coast, is famous for its stunning views, rich history, and sunny weather all year round. It mixes modern living with ancient history, making it an ideal place for those looking for a new home that offers both adventure and peace. 

From the lively neighborhoods to the quiet spots along its beautiful beaches, Antalya is full of different living experiences waiting to be explored

This guide will look at the top neighborhoods in Antalya, highlighting what makes each one great for people thinking about moving there.

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1. Konyaaltı: The Beachfront Gem

Konyaaltı is more than just a neighborhood; it's a way of life. Its long pebble beach, set against the stunning Taurus Mountains, provides a beautiful backdrop like no other. The beach is also home to Konyaaltı Beach Park, a great place for families, sports fans, and anyone looking to relax by the sea. Beyond the beach, there's plenty going on, with the Antalya Aquarium offering fun for families and sea lovers.

The neighborhood's lively nightlife, varied food scene, and shopping options cater to all tastes, making it a vibrant place to live. Konyaaltı has modern apartments and luxury homes, many with amazing views of the sea and mountains, offering a great mix of nature and city living.

2. Lara: The Epitome of Luxury

Lara is known for its luxury and elegance in Antalya. Its high-end resorts and Lara Beach, with its long golden sands and clear blue waters, offer a bit of paradise. Beyond the beach, there are luxury living areas with top-notch facilities, including private pools, gardens, and security, for those looking for an exclusive lifestyle. The nearby Düden Waterfalls offer a peaceful nature getaway.

Lara's close to Antalya Airport, making it great for international residents and travelers. Shoppers will love TerraCity, a top shopping mall with international brands and fine dining. Lara combines beachfront calm with city conveniences, making it a sought-after spot for those wanting the best of both.

Top Neighborhoods To Live in Antalya as a Foreigner

3. Kaleiçi (Old Town): A Journey Through Time

Kaleiçi, at the heart of Antalya, offers a living experience filled with history and culture. This old neighborhood, surrounded by Roman walls, is a maze of narrow streets lined with historic houses, now turned into boutique hotels, cafes, and shops selling local crafts. The historic Hadrian's Gate is a grand entrance to this old world, leading to a marina with beautiful views and places to eat by the sea.

Living in Kaleiçi means being surrounded by history while having modern comforts and lively city life just outside the ancient walls. It's perfect for those who love history but want today's conveniences.

4. Kepez: A Growing Family-Friendly Community

Kepez is becoming one of Antalya's most lively and family-friendly neighborhoods. With its fast growth, Kepez offers affordable, quality living with new homes for various budgets. It's known for its parks, like the large Kepez Adventure Park, offering lots of outdoor activities for families. There are many schools and the Antalya Zoo and Nature Park, great for kids and adults, promoting conservation and learning about wildlife.

With new shopping centers, hospitals, and public transport, Kepez is quickly improving its residents' lives. It's a great balance of city convenience and natural beauty, perfect for families looking for a supportive and active community.

Top Neighborhoods To Live in Antalya as a Foreigner

5. Muratpaşa: The Urban Heartbeat

Muratpaşa is the lively center of Antalya, offering a vibrant city lifestyle. It's a mix of cultures and experiences, with streets full of shops, from traditional markets to modern malls, and a variety of places to eat showcasing Turkish and international flavors. There are cultural sites like the ancient city of Perge and the Antalya Museum for history lovers. Parks like Atatürk Park offer green spaces for rest and fun.

Muratpaşa's great location means easy access to public transport, making it easy to explore Antalya and beyond. For those who love the energy and diversity of city life, Muratpaşa is an exciting and dynamic place to be.

6. Altıntaş: The New Frontier

Altıntaş is a quickly growing neighborhood in Antalya, popular among those looking for a calm yet convenient place to live. Close to the airport and beautiful Lara Beach, Altıntaş offers a great mix of suburban peace and city benefits.

With new homes and infrastructure, it's becoming a modern living area. The developments focus on space and comfort, with a range of homes from luxury villas to stylish apartments, many with views of the mountains and landscapes. With green areas, markets, and community centers, Altıntaş is creating a strong sense of community among its residents. It's perfect for those who want quiet but also want to be close to the city's lively culture and amenities.

Top Neighborhoods To Live in Antalya as a Foreigner

Antalya offers more than just stunning scenery; it's a collection of communities each with its own story. Whether you're drawn to the vibrant streets of Konyaaltı, the luxurious life in Lara, the historic charm of Kaleiçi, the family-friendly vibe of Kepez, the dynamic pulse of Muratpaşa, or the serene ambiance of Altıntaş, there's a place here for you.

It's not just about finding a new home but discovering a lifestyle where every day is an opportunity to live your dream. Welcome to Antalya, where your story awaits among its diverse and welcoming neighborhoods.

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