Guide to Lara Beach in Antalya: Access, Attractions, and Tips

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Guide to Lara Beach in Antalya: Access, Attractions, Tips

If you are a regular in Antalya, you probably know Lara very well. But if you are new to the region, you should know that Lara Beach, located east of Antalya’s old town, is one of the most visited beaches in the whole Antalya province.

The beach is especially famous for its upscale beachfront hotels, which are some of the best rated hotels in Turkey, making Lara a favorite destination for beach vacations in the summer.

This beautiful sandy beach with clear water is especially popular with families. With its gorgeous backdrop, Lara Beach is even a beloved location for unique beach weddings in Antalya. Everybody loves Lara Beach and they are plenty of reasons. You can read all about them below.

In this complete guide to Lara Beach, you will find information about what to expect when you visit this beach, attractions, things to do, how to get there, and information on entrance fees.

Let's start the discovery!

What Can I Do on Lara Beach in Antalya?

Lara Beach on the Turkish Riviera is the perfect destination for a short beach break in Antalya. It's the closest beach to the Antalya Airport and therefore quick and easy to reach.

Lara is 15 km long, but only 2 km on the west side are public areas. The rest is owned by 5 star resorts, and some of them are the best places to stay in Antalya and in all of Turkey.

Every year Lara Beach attracts visitors from all over the world with its kilometers of light brown sand, clear turquoise waters, and some of the best beach resorts in Turkey, almost all of which are 5-star hotels that offer all-inclusive service.

While Lara Beach is especially popular with families that have children, it also boasts a very lively and luxurious atmosphere that makes it popular with young people. This is why it can be a bit overcrowded, especially in the high season.

The western beach section is public and free of charge. There are amenities such as showers, restrooms, changing rooms, as well as sunbeds and umbrellas for a fee.

Lara Beach is a Blue Flag destination. The water is crystal clear and, compared to Konyaaltı Beach west of Antalya, warmer and calmer. It stays shallow for a long way out. Its sandy beach is clean and caters to all kinds of activities.

Hotel at Lara Beach in Antalya Turkey

Beach Activities

Lara Beach offers wonderful opportunities for all kinds of beach & water activities. You can enjoy activities such as paragliding, kitesurfing, windsurfing, jet skiing, and catamaran or banana boat rides. Children can have fun on various playgrounds.

A number of beach clubs offer a variety of food and drinks and are a hotspot for nightlife. There is also a beach promenade with a public barbecue area, a cart track, and much more. In the vicinity you can find restaurants, cafés, and shops.

Get to know all the sports activities available on Lara Beach and the nightlife around:

Nearby Attractions

Since Antalya abounds with historical sites and natural wonders, the excellent location of Lara allows you to discover quite a few attractions nearby. 

Just 16 kilometers away, Kaleiçi, Antalya's old town, awaits you with ancient ruins, a vibrant nightlife, Antalya's bazaar, and a lovely marina.

Along with the bazaars, there are many other shopping opportunities nearby, such as Terra City Shopping Mall, one of the largest shopping centers in Antalya.

One of the most popular attractions in Antalya is the fascinating sand sculpture museum, Sandland Antalya, directly on Lara Beach. You can also take a trip to The Land of Legends Theme Park in Belek.

There are many natural wonders to discover. You can visit Lower Düden Waterfall or go on a jeep safari in the Taurus Mountains.

A day trip to historical treasures such as sunken city of Simena or the ancient city of Aspendos, with its well-preserved amphitheater is another wonderful option.

Lara Beach is famous for its 5 star, all inclusive resorts.

Entrance, Tickets, and Tours

  • Entrance: Admission to Lara Beach is free of charge. Sunbeds and umbrellas are available for a fee. However, you can bring your own umbrella or spread your beach towel on the beach. Keep in mind, that the public area is only in the western part of the beach. The eastern part belongs to 5 star resorts. 
  • Boat Tours: Boat tours from Antalya to the beautiful surroundings are very popular. You can find many boat tour options online.
  • Tip: To book amusement parks, museums, and tour tickets in advance of your trip to the Antalya region, don't hesitate to check out the deals in our official shop.
Hotel at Lara Beach in Antalya Turkey

How to Get to Lara Beach

Lara Beach is located east of Antalya's Old Town, Kaleiçi, and about 20 kilometers from the Antalya Airport. It can be easily reached with public transport.

  • By Bus: From the city center of Antalya it takes about 30 to 40 minutes by bus (KL07, KL08, and KL09) to get to the beach.
  • From the Antalya Airport: The drive from the Antalya Airport to Lara Beach takes about 20 to 30 minutes. You can choose between several different options. Private rental cars as well as taxis are available. Some hotels even provide an airport shuttle service. There is also a public bus (No 800) that runs every 2 hours between the airport and the Lara district, which can take 45 to 60 minutes.
  • By Car: A car is very useful in the Antalya region, especially if your hotel is in Antalya city center and you want to explore more in the region autonomously. Our recommendation is to rent a car in Antalya. Our guide will explain everything step-by-step.
  • Also read our detailed article about the Antalya Airport and transport in Antalya's city center.

The entrace to the western part of Lara Beach is free. The rest belongs to 5 Star Resorts.

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

Is the entrance to Lara Beach free of charge?

The western section of Lara Beach is public and free of charge. Some of the beachfront hotels have private sections for their guests.

Where is Lara Beach?

Lara Beach is located 18 kilometers east of the city center of Antalya and about 20 kilometers from the Antalya Airport.

How do I get to Lara Beach?

Lara Beach can be easily reached by car, public transportation, and taxi.

If you are arriving from the airport, it's best to take a shuttle bus or a taxi. Some hotels even provide an airport shuttle. If you have a rental car, you can get there in 20 minutes. There is also a public bus (No 800) that runs every 2 hours between the airport and the Lara district, which can take 45 to 60 minutes.

From the city center of Antalya it takes about 30 to 40 minutes by bus (KL07, KL08, and KL09) to get to Lara Beach.

From the Antalya Airport, about 120km from Alanya, the easiest way to get there is by rental car or bus.

Are there restrooms and showers on Lara Beach?

Lara Beach has beach clubs with toilets, showers, and changing rooms

Antalya Lara Beach at Trendy Hotel Turkey

The History of Lara Beach

Lara Public Beach is 2 kilometers long and the average width is 45 meters. The famous Lower Düden Waterfalls plunges straight into the sea near Lara Beach. 

The name of Lara Beach is derived from the ancient Luwian language and means "sand". It's said that the beach's fine sand is good for rheumatic diseases.

Today, Lara Beach is one of the most important beaches in Antalya.


  • Address: Lara Plajı, Muratpaşa / Antalya
  • Public Transport: By bus line KL07, KL08, or KL09 

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