11 Best Shopping Centers to Discover in Antalya, Turkey 

Last Updated on February 15, 2024
9 Best Shopping Centers in Antalya in Turkey (Editorial)

Antalya is a large city with 2.5 million inhabitants, which means that there are very high quality malls to discover around the city.

Indeed, Turkey is an expert at building luxurious malls and every large city has several to offer with different styles, different purposes, and different locations around the city.

In this article, you will discover 11 of the best malls in Antalya and find out about their features, locations, and useful details to get there.

To locate these malls, make sure to check the map at the end of the article. Here we go!

1. Mall of Antalya

Mall of Antalya in Turkey (Editorial)

The Mall of Antalya is located near the Antalya Airport and can be easily reached by tram or bus. Construction began in early 2016 and the shopping mall opened in 2017. The Mall of Antalya is one of the largest shopping and entertainment centers in the Mediterranean region.  

The complex has a two-story design and the individual floors are decorated with a modern and friendly feel. Daylight falls through the arched glass roof onto the atrium, which is enclosed in an oval by the spacious corridors on both floors. Here are some elements you will find in the Mall of Antalya:

  • International and Turkish brands are represented in 144 shops, including Antalya's largest branch of H&M, LCW, and De Facto.
  • With 1600 m2, the Mall of Antalya has one of the largest indoor playgrounds that promises entertainment for children of all ages.
  • With a total of 11 theaters and space for 2,200 spectators, the cinema complex is one of the largest in Turkey.
  • The huge food court offers national and international cuisine for your well-being. Turkish home cooking is offered as well as fast food, and of course, there is a Starbucks.

2. Deepo Outlet

The Deepo outlet is located directly opposite of the Antalya Airport and in the immediate vicinity of the Mall of Antalya.

90 well-known brands, mostly Turkish, offer their goods here at reduced prices over 18,000 square meters of floor space.

15 cafés and restaurants invite you to relax, and 5 cinemas, plus an amusement park provide variety between shopping.

You can check the current status of your flight on the flight information boards, if you are spending your time waiting here for your departure. 

3. Terra City

Terra City Shopping Mall is located between the old town and Lara beach. The shopping mall is easily accessible by buses KL08, LC73, LF09, TC93, and TL 94 at the Terra City AVM stop.

The modern and friendly shopping center has 180 shops selling mainly clothing and shoes. European and Turkish brands can be found here.

The food court offers space for 1,000 visitors with 30 restaurants and cafés. There are numerous attractions to entertain children and there is a huge media market in the basement.

4. Mark Antalya

MarkAntalya in Antalya in Turkey (Editorial)

Mark Antalya is the only shopping mall directly in the center of Antalya. Mark Antalya can be easily reached by tram, which stops directly in front of the mall.

The extravagant exterior facade with its multicolored patterned roundel immediately catches the eye. You will find 155 international and Turkish brands which offer a range of fashion, entertainment, and technology. Represented are small boutiques as well as chains of larger stores, including Boyner, DeFacto, Flo, H&M, Koton, and LC Waikiki.

The food court on the upper floor offers Turkish and international cuisine, with Mc Donald's, Burger King, and Sbarro, among others. If you like, you can enjoy your meal or drink a coffee on the large leafy terrace.

There is a modern playground for children to keep them entertained while you shop. The cinemas on the upper floor also show films in English, especially in the evenings.

Its location in the city center makes Mark Antalya a good choice for all guests who want to shop in a modern mall between sightseeing. Antalya's old town is only 15 minutes away.

5. Agora Antalya

Agora Antalya is located in the northern part of Antalya, towards the Antalya Airport. It's easily accessible by bus lines 511, 526, AF04A, and B35. Agora Center is a 15-minute walk from the Mall of Antalya.

The total of 72 shops offer national and international labels, including branches of Koton, Mavi, Gratis, Watson, Nike, Samsonite, Teknosa, Migros, and a Toyzz shop. Also noteworthy is the large IKEA shop.

The amusement center offers entertainment for young and old. Built on the principle of "winning while playing", guests can collect points for which prizes are awarded afterwards. Those who want to can also go bowling.

The ornamental pool in the circular courtyard is decorated with flowers and palm trees, and numerous cafés and restaurants invite you to relax in its surroundings.

The food area offers Turkish and international cuisine, including Burger King, Arby's, Subway, and Starbucks.

6. Migros Shopping Mall

Migros Shopping Mall in Antalya in Turkey (Editorial)

The Migros Shopping Mall, opened in 2001, is located west of Antalya in the Konyaaltı district. It can be easily reached by the Dolmuş, which serves the shopping mall from all directions of Antalya.

More than 130 shops are spread over 3 floors. In addition to small boutiques with designer pieces, you will find chains of large brands, including Boyner, Zara, Muso, and LC Waikiki. 

The large food court on the first floor offers mainly fast food dishes from well-known suppliers. From some of the tables you have a beautiful view of the sea. If you feel like it, you can watch a film in one of the eight cinemas on the same floor. A playground offers entertainment for children.

Worth mentioning is the 5M Migros branch in the basement, one of the largest in the entire Antalya area.

7. Özdilek Park

The Özdilek Park shopping center, opened in 2009, is located in north of Antalya near the bus station and can be easily reached by the "Dumka" tram stop.

Covering almost 39,000 square meters, 114 shops are spread over four floors. International labels are represented here, but you will find far more numerous, high-quality Turkish brand shops, which makes the mall very popular with locals as well. Among others, Colin's, Park Bravo, Mango, and Koton can be found here.

In the spacious shopping center, a large food court on the upper floor invites you to relax, with KFC, McDonald's, Burger King, and Turkish fast food chains, among others.

Numerous entertainment businesses provide entertainment and the play park makes children's eyes sparkle.

Euromoda offers a rich assortment of well-priced fashion jewelers, and if you are looking for something electronic-technical, you will find it in one of the shops in the basement.

8. The Land of Legends

Land of Legends in Antalya in Turkey (Editorial)

About 40 kilometers from Antalya in Belek is the Land of Legends shopping mall. The shopping center can be reached from Antalya by bus or Dolmuş.

The elegant shopping mall looks like a castle complex, with white, palace-like buildings lining up along the canal that flows through the middle of the inner courtyard. Just like in Venice, you can even ride a gondola down the canal. You will feel like you are in a fairy tale here and the children are of course will be thrilled. In addition, a huge amusement park provides entertainment for young and old.

You will find 300 internationally known labels and numerous high quality Turkish brands that offer their products here. The range of goods covers almost all areas, clothing, cosmetics, toys, leather goods, decorative items, cosmetics, and electrical goods. Everything is represented.

If you get hungry, find a place in one of the numerous cafés or restaurants that offer something for every taste and enjoy the atmosphere of the surroundings.

9. Novamall Manavgat

Novamall Manavgat in Antalya in Turkey (Editorial)

The Novamall shopping center is located about 70 kilometers from Antalya in the center of Manavgat. It can be reached from Antalya by bus or dolmuş.

The range of goods includes clothing, cosmetics, toys, leather goods, shoes, jewelers, and much more.

You will find 120 brands shops, and well-known Turkish ones are also represented alongside internationally renowned labels. 

If you are tired from all the shopping, sit down in one of the cafés on the roof terrace and relax there for a while. Maybe you'd like to go bowling for a change? Children are thrilled by the small rides in the children's land on the top floor and adults can have fun on the slot machines.

The food court offers a wide range of food and drinks for all your culinary needs.

10. Alanyum Shopping Center (Alanya) 

Alanyum Shopping Center, east of the city, can be easily reached from Alanya city center within 10 minutes by dolmuş. 

Products range from clothing, cosmetics, toys, and leather goods to shoes, jewelry, and much more.  Branches of some large chains are represented as well as small boutiques offering national and international branded goods. Among other things, you can find Carrefour, Teknosa, Boyner, LC Waikiki, a Toyzz Shop, and much more. 

On the third floor, a variety of food and beverages ensures your physical well-being. Children will be thrilled by the huge play paradise with ball pool, consoles, and slot machines. 

Those who have had enough of shopping can sit down in one of the cafes or watch a movie in the cinema.    

11. Time Center (Konaklı - Alanya)  

About 15 kilometers from Alanya in the small town of Konaklı, Time Center is located directly on the coastal road, making it easy to reach even from neighboring towns.  

The relatively compact shopping center is clearly laid out and offers national and international branded goods, including LC Waikiki, Colin's, Flo, and De Facto. In addition, there are small boutiques.  

Various restaurants, including McDonald's, invite you to relax.   

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Now that you have all the best shopping mall addresses in Antalya, you are set to take the best shopping trip possible in this town with many great opportunities to spoil yourself and your loved ones.

Let us know in the comments which shopping mall you find most interesting, which one you think is the best, and what pieces you want to buy when you are in Antalya!

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