Best Markets and Bazaars in the City of Antalya 

Last Updated on February 15, 2024
Best Markets and Bazaars in Antalya City

In Antalya, a weekly market is held in almost all neighborhoods, where locals buy fresh fruits and vegetables, spices, and much more. In addition, there are fixed markets that are open throughout the week. 

In total, there are over 80 markets in Antalya.

Here we have put together a small selection of the best markets and bazaars to visit in Antalya, for the best shopping experience.

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1. Bazaar Near the Clock Tower

Antalya clock tower at Republic Square

The large covered bazaar near the clock tower offers everything you would expect to find in an oriental market, including souvenirs, Turkish honey, imitation bags, clothing, spices, and much more.

Loudly shouting, the merchants praise their goods. Duplicates of famous brands are sold here also. The atmosphere alone is worth a visit. Trading is allowed and even wanted here. Its central location makes the bazaar particularly popular.

2. Kaleiçi

Antalya Kaleici (Editorial)

Kaleiçi is not a bazaar in the strictest sense, but the atmosphere is the same. In the old town of Antalya, you can find one souvenir store after another along the narrow cobblestone streets. Antiques, paintings, and high-quality carpets are also sold here. The houses themselves are worth seeing, some dating back to the Ottoman era. It seems as if time has stopped here.

3. Saturday Bazaar in Lara

Every Saturday a market is held in the Lara district. Fresh fruits and vegetables, cheese, spices, souvenirs, and clothes are sold in this bazaar. Fresh and dried herbs are also on sale. Partly, the market is a little reminiscent of a flea market, second-hand clothes can be found too. It's one of the largest clothing markets in Antalya.

Various food stalls invite you to snack, especially recommended is Gözleme, which is made of thin, flat bread filled with feta cheese, spinach, potatoes, and minced meat. 

From the bus stop at Sinanoğlu and İsmet Gökşen Caddesi it's about a five minute walk.

4. Antalya Bazaar

Clock Tower in Antalya in Turkey (Editorial)

At this market, which is open all week, you can find everything your heart desires. Souvenirs, leather goods, gifts, spices, clothing, and much more is waiting for you here. Also, a lot of cheap stuff is offered. The dealers are usually happy to haggle over the price and make some jokes. 

The bazaar is partially covered and is located in the center of Antalya, which makes it very popular with visitors.

You might also stroll through the small alley right next to the market, where coppersmiths are located and still produce their goods as they did a hundred years ago. Plates, pots, and tea trays are in high demand.

5. Orient Bazaar

Not far from the Antalya Bazaar in the southern foothills of Kaleiçi, the old town of Antalya, is the Orient Bazaar, which is open all week. It is not a bazaar in the truest sense of the word, but numerous, often tiny stores line up and display their wares on the small streets. Handcrafts are sold here, as well as hand-knotted carpets, which are valued by the number of knots per square centimeter, and also woven kilim carpets are offered here. Even those who do not want to buy a carpet shouldn't miss the atmosphere.

6. Çağlayan Bazaar

The Çağlayan Bazaar is located in southeast Antalya and is a farmers market. Local producers sell their products here every Monday. Since the market is a bit away from the major tourist attractions, it provides an original shopping experience. There is no haggling here, you pay what the merchants say. On offer are fresh fruits and vegetables from the area, fish, olives, herbs, and the like.

The market is about a three-minute walk from the "Barınaklar" bus stop and about a seven-minute walk from the "Bülent Ecevit Bulvarı" bus stop. 

7. Spice Market

Fresh herbs and spices are very popular in Turkey and are used in almost every dish. So it's no wonder that almost all markets also sell spices. In addition, dried fruits, nuts, teas, and dried herbs are often offered. Fresh saffron can also be found in almost every market. 

The spice market in Manavgat, near Side, is particularly famous.

8. Recommended Shopping Tours & Tickets 

Now you are set to go shopping. If you want more information about shopping in Antalya, you can have a look at these:

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