Rafting in Antalya: The Complete Guide to Whitewater Rafting and Tubing 

Last Updated on February 6, 2023
Rafting in Antalya: The complete Guide

Water sports are very popular in Antalya. There are many choices for sports and water lovers. You can learn all about it in our guide to water sports in Antalya. There are variety of things to do in Antalya's beautiful natural surroundings. 

One of the popular activities in Antalya is rafting. There are many great places with the ideal landscape for rafting in the Antalya province, especially on hot summer days. 

In this article, you will find ideas about places that are famous for rafting in Antalya, information about rafting excursions, and frequently asked questions. 

Let's dive into it...

Köprülü Canyon in Antalya in Turkey

1. Rafting in Köprülü Canyon

Köprülü is the largest whitewater rafting center in Turkey. There are rafting excursions available from all resorts between Kemer and Alanya. Booking an excursions is possible online, with round trip transfers from your hotel.

These tours are offered all year round, even in the winter months. Depending on the provider, the rafting tours include rafting with an inflatable boat, a jeep safari, a photo stop at Eagles Canyon, zip-lining, or canyoning.

All the equipment you need for rafting is supplied by the provider. This includes, along with other things, your life jacket and helmet.

Normally, these rafts are designed for 4 - 12 people. These inflatable boats are made of very sturdy rubber and have several independent air chambers, so if one chamber is damaged, the boat will not sink. Even in the summer, the water is very cold and hardly gets warmer than a maximum of 12 degrees. 

Rafting in Saklikent in Antalya Turkey

2. Rafting in Saklıkent Canyohn

Saklıkent National Park is divided between the Antalya province and the neighboring province of Muğla. Small scale rafting is available in Saklıkent. On this river, rafting is mostly done on floating tires, which is also called tubing.
The oversized tires are also known as "donuts" or "biscuits" because of their shape. Unlike rafting, where 4-12 people sit in an inflatable boat, each equipped with a stab paddle, with tubing you sit alone with a double paddle in a floating tire. Since the tires are smaller than the inflatables rafts, they spin more often and faster in the water.

Tours are available from the Antalya province and from the Kaş region, usually in combination with a jeep safari to ancient ruins such as Xanthos, Patara, and Patara beach with an optional mud bath near Saklıkent.

Alara River Rafting is possible in Spring

3. Rafting on the Alara River (Alanya)

The Alara River is about 70 kilometers long and flows into the Mediterranean Sea near the Okurcalar seaside resort. In the spring, the water in the river is high enough for rafting. Narrow canyons, sometimes large boulders, as well as some steep steps, which can only be passed by jumping into the water pools below, are on this rafting tour. These trips are organized by local tour operators depending on the water situation.
This is an option from seaside resorts in Alanya, and from Okurcalar to the city of Alanya. If rafting on the Alara River is not possible, Köprülü Canyon National Park is an alternative all year round. 

Rafting at Düden River in Antalya Turkey

4. Rafting on the Düden River

Rafting is possible on the Düden River between the Upper Düden and Lower Düden waterfalls in Lara, Antalya. Boats start at the upper part of the 50 m high Düden Waterfall end on the cliffs of Antalya, also called Karpuz Kaldıran, which is secured with metal grids. The 4-kilometer rafting course contains several switchbacks and narrow places.

At the end of this route especially, a professional guide's expert knowledge is needed, so that the boats can be stopped before the metal grids and brought to the shore.

Rafting excursions on the Düden River can only be booked from the region around the city of Antalya with local tour operators. 

Where can I book Rafting in Antalya in Turkey

Where Can I Book Rafting in Antalya?

Booking is possible directly from the provider, with local travel agencies, in hotels, and online, depending on the options chosen.

Bookings in Antalya

AntalyaTouristInformation.com is your best partner when it comes to planning your trip to Antalya. For bookings, questions about trips to Antalya, group travel, transfers, or anything else, feel free to reach out to us.  

Köprulü Canyon in Antalya

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

  • Price: Average tours include in their price offer a round trip transfer from your hotel, food, and an additional program. 
  • Transfer: Most rafting excursions in Antalya include transfers from your hotel to the rafting center and back to your hotel.
  • Equipment: Safety equipment, such as life jackets, wetsuits, helmets, and paddles are provided by local operators.
  • Clothing: Safety clothing is provided by local vendors, this includes wetsuits. Swimwear may be worn underneath.
  • Food: Rafting tours in Antalya usually have lunch included in the price. Depending on the provider, drinks are also included in the all-inclusive package.
  • Photos: It's difficult to take your own photos on a rafting trip. For this, we recommend your own waterproof camera, for example a GoPro. Rafting providers have their own photographers who take souvenir photos of participants. They can be bought from these independent photographers.
rafting at Koprulu Kanyon in Antalya in Turkey

Bottom Line

Rafting is a welcome change from beach and bathing vacations. In the Antalya province, these trips are organized from all seaside resorts between Kemer and Alanya, with hotel pickup. Köprülü Canyon is the largest whitewater rafting center in Turkey and rafting is possible all year round there.

In addition, there are various regional rafting excursions, which are not offered at every seaside resort. Rafting in Saklıkent is available in the region around Kaş, guests from Alanya and the surrounding area usually go to the Alara River, and rafting on the Düden River is suitable if you are staying in Antalya.

With the proper equipment and professional guidance, rafting in the Antalya region is considered to be safe.

More ideas of things to do in Antalya here.

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