16 Luxurious High-Class Resorts Hotels in Antalya [2024] 

Last Updated on February 15, 2024
15 luxurious High Class Resort Hotels in Antalya

For optimal comfort, stay in one of the best high-class resorts in Antalya, Turkey listed below.

These hotels we have hand-picked because of their high-class services and sorted by their average guest ratings on the most important hotel review sites.

Therefore, this list does not represent our personal opinion, but reflects the experience of travelers.

Feel free to use our links below to make reservations for your desired hotel and enjoy the best prices for resorts in Antalya. To get a complementary offer with different hotels and great deals, please contact us. 

1. Maxx Royal, Belek

Located directly on the beach, the 5-star Maxx Royal Belek resort is one of the most exclusive resorts in Turkey and regularly ranks as one of the top-rated 5-star hotels.

The main building is arranged in a semicircle around the pool, which is interspersed with green islands, and in front, there are other pools, with villas lined up along the shore before the resort merges into the beach area. The resort has a luxurious spa and wellness area, a water park with 10 water slides, and impresses with an 18-hole golf course and its proximity to other golf courses.

For kids, this family-friendly resort has a mini club with a playground and a shaded beach area. Seven restaurants, several with à la carte service, serve Turkish, Mediterranean, international, and Japanese dishes.

  • HolidayCheck: 98.33 % | 1592 Reviews
  • Booking.com: No Reviews
  • TripAdvisor: 97.78 % | 7665 Reviews
  • Facebook: 5/5 | 10 Ratings
  • Google: 4.8/5 | 3153 Ratings
  • Average Rating: 98.02 %

2. Maxx Royal, Kemer

Nestled in the foothills of the Taurus Mountains, Maxx Royal Kemer resort impresses with a magnificent natural landscape, pine-forested mountains, and picturesque bays. Off the main building are the luxuriously designed villas. The resort has indoor and outdoor pools and a water park.

Children will especially enjoy the family-friendly resort's kid's club, Maxxiland, with its varied program and numerous sports and entertainment options.

The 8 restaurants, some of which are à la carte, serve Turkish, Italian, and Mediterranean cuisine, as well as fish and dishes from Japan, and more. The hotel is located approximately 2.5 kilometers from Kemer and 42 kilometers from the Antalya Airport.

Our service also includes VIP transfers and 24-hour on-site assistance, depending on the booking value.

  • HolidayCheck: 98.33 % | 1593 Reviews
  • Booking.com: No Reviews
  • TripAdvisor: 97.78% | 7669 Reviews
  • Facebook: 5/5 | 10 Ratings
  • Google: 4.8/5 | 3154 Ratings
  • Average Rating: 98.02 %

3. Barut Collection, Kemer

The high-class 5-star Barut Colleciton hotel in Kemer captivates with its dreamlike location directly in front of the imposing backdrop of the mighty Taurus Mountains, which seem to be nestled up against the hotel. Tall pine trees line the hotel's own beach. The resort is only 1.8 kilometers away from the marina in Kemer.

As part of the ultra all-inclusive concept, the resort offers a total of 4 à la carte restaurants serving specialities from Turkish, Italian, and Asian cuisine, as well as fish & seafood. The buffet in the Palmiye Restaurant serves international cuisine and offers vegan and gluten-free dishes. A pool bar and the bar in the nightclub invite you to relax.

  • HolidayCheck: 96.66 % | 820 Reviews
  • Booking.com: No Reviews
  • TripAdvisor: 95.71 % | 4158 Reviews
  • Facebook: 4.9/5 | 960 Ratings
  • Google: 4.8/5 | 1319 Ratings
  • Average Rating: 96.56 %

4. Seven Seas Hotel Life, Göynük-Kemer

This 5-star resort in Göynük is only 7 kilometers from Kemer and 50 km from the Antalya Airport. The elegantly casual complex stretches over an area of 35,000 m2 between the Taurus mountains and the hotel's own blue flag beach. The Seven Seas has its own wellness area, two water slides and a specially tailored concept for children with its own pool, beach area, and play area for children. The program includes all-round entertainment with various play, education, and training programs for children. Turkish and international cuisine is served in the 3 restaurants, one specializing in seafood.

  • HolidayCheck: 98.33 % | 2050 Reviews
  • Booking.com: 9.3/10 | 196 Reviews
  • TripAdvisor: 95.12 % | 1703 Reviews
  • Facebook: 4.9/5 | 381 Ratings
  • Google: 4.8/5 | 1186 Ratings
  • Average Rating: 96.09 %

5. Selectum Luxury, Belek

This stylishly chic 5-star resort is located 4 kilometers from Belek and scores with a water park with 8 water slides, various outdoor pools, a spa area, 12 tennis courts, a small soccer field, and its proximity to the 10 golf courses in the area. At the hotel’s blue flag beach, a pier with a sun terrace leads directly into the sea.

Kids club programs and activities provide variety at this family-friendly resort. The cuisine is Turkish and Mediterranean, with additional choices including a steakhouse, a sushi bar, and an à la carte restaurant specializing in seafood and fish. The heated outdoor pool makes the resort very attractive even in the off-season months.

  • HolidayCheck: 96.66 % | 566 Reviews
  • Booking.com: 9/10 | 310 Reviews
  • TripAdvisor: 95.10 % | 2167 Reviews
  • Facebook: 5/5 | 421 Ratings
  • Google: 4.9/5 | 1671 Ratings
  • Average Rating: 95.95 %

6. Barut Hemera, Side

The subtle grays and browns of the room decor create an elegant yet cozy atmosphere in this resort. Some rooms have a whirlpool on the balcony, others have direct access to one of the 5 swimming pools. The hotel's own sandy beach is just 80 meters away.

The resort has a spa area, offers various water sports, and an extensive program of evening shows. Entertainment for younger guests is provided with the kid's club and two water slides. The 5 restaurants serve Turkish, Italian, and international cuisine, and one specializes in seafood. Barut Hemera is about 2.5 kilometers from Side and 53 kilometers from the Antalya Airport.

  • HolidayCheck: 96.66 % | 2006 Reviews
  • Booking.com: 9.3/10 | 52 Reviews
  • TripAdvisor: 94.86 % | 3333 Reviews
  • Facebook: 4.8/5 | 1053 Ratings
  • Google: 4.8/5 | 1684 Ratings
  • Average Rating: 95.30 %

7. Accanthus & Cennet Barut Collection, Side

The ultra all-inclusive 5-star Acanthus & Cennet Barut Collection resort, near Side, offers a private beach with fine sand. The elegantly furnished resort has clever combination of modernity and cosiness at the highest level. The resort scores with a spa, special massage services, and creative sports facilities.

The mini club program includes all-round entertainment with various play, education, and training programs for children. 3 fine dining restaurants serve Turkish and international cuisine, as well as fish and seafood, while the Masion Plage restaurant serves Mediterranean cuisine à la carte. Vegan, lactose-free, and gluten-free dishes are available.

  • HolidayCheck: 96.66 % | 2047 Reviews
  • Booking.com: 9.1/10 | 95 Reviews
  • TripAdvisor: 96.21 % | 1111 Reviews
  • Facebook: 4.9/5 | 669 Ratings
  • Google: 4.7/5 | 1402 Ratings
  • Average Rating: 95.17 %

8. Voyage, Belek

This newly renovated 5-star resort in Belek blends perfectly into the natural surroundings and scores with numerous green areas and shady trees. The resort has a large wellness area, a sauna and hamam, as well as 6 pools, one of them with water slides.

Golfers appreciate the hotel’s own golf course, as well as the many clubs in the immediate vicinity. Children love the adventure park and the numerous animations.

8 restaurants serve Turkish and Mediterranean cuisine as well as Mexican, Japanese, and Italian specialties. 

  • HolidayCheck: 95 % | 4680 Reviews
  • Booking.com: No Reviews
  • TripAdvisor: 95.95% | 10357 Reviews
  • Facebook: No Ratings
  • Google: 4.7/5 | 2657 Ratings
  • Average Rating: 94.98 %

9. Xanadu Resort, Belek

The high-class family-friendly Xanadu resort, near Belek, scores with its well-designed gardens and the over 400-meter-long beach, from which a large pier leads into the sea. Those who wish can book a swim-up room or stay in one of the off-the-beaten-track villas. The resort has a fitness and wellness center with a sauna and hamam.

The absolute highlight is the antique-style pool and water slides. The fancy children's club offers entertainment with a carousel, mini train, mini Ferris wheel, and trampoline.

Seven restaurants, including several à la carte, serve Turkish, Mediterranean, French, Mexican, Chinese, Brazilian, and Italian specialties.

  • HolidayCheck: 95 % | 57 Reviews
  • Booking.com: 9.3/10 | 198 Reviews
  • TripAdvisor: 92.81 % | 2979 Reviews
  • Facebook: 5/5 | 28 Ratings
  • Google: 4.8/5 | 2179 Ratings
  • Average Rating: 94.78%

10. Barut Collection, Lara-Antalya

The Barut Collection Lara hotel is a chic and modern high-class resort located only 8 kilometers from the Antalya Airport. Some rooms have their own whirlpool on the balcony. The resort has one indoor and 3 outdoor pools, as well as a private beach area.

The child-friendly resort offers a wide-ranging entertainment program with playgrounds and animation, as well as a separate beach section for children. The wellness area, various water sports facilities, as well as a well-coordinated program and evening shows complete the offer. Live music is played in the nightclub.

This high-class resort is run according to the ultra all-inclusive concept. A total of 8 à la carte restaurants serve Turkish, Mediterranean, European, and Italian cuisine, as well as vegan, lactose-free and gluten-free dishes, sushi, fish & seafood, and grilled dishes, and sweet treats are served in the patisserie. The 5 bars offer a selection of more than 176 different domestic and foreign beverages. 

  • HolidayCheck: 95 % | 4084 Reviews
  • Booking.com: 9.2/10 | 460 Reviews
  • TripAdvisor: 94.89 % | 5936 Reviews
  • Facebook: 4.8/5 | 1523 Ratings
  • Google: 4.8/5 | 2692 Ratings
  • Average Rating: 94.77 %

11. Calista Luxury Resort, Serik-Antalya

Calista Luxury Resort is striking with its low-rise buildings designed in the shape of roundels and lush greenery. Away from the main building are individual villas and swim-up rooms. The resort has a spa and 8 pools, some with waterslides. Long piers lead into the sea at the hotel's own beach.

Sports activities include tennis, soccer, bowling, and golf. There are another 10 golf courses in the immediate vicinity. The mini club provides all-around entertainment with a variety of activities. The 8 restaurants, 7 of which are à la carte, offer Turkish and Mediterranean cuisine as well as Italian, French, Asian, Latin American, and seafood specialties.

The Antalya Airport is 20 kilometers away.

  • HolidayCheck: 96.66 % | 846 Reviews
  • Booking.com: 9.1/10 | 241 Reviews
  • TripAdvisor: 93.86 % | 3227 Reviews
  • Facebook: 4.8/5 | 1499 Ratings
  • Google: 4.8/5 | 2752 Ratings
  • Average Rating: 94.70 %

12. Gloria Serenity Resort, Belek

This complex is located in the middle of a pine forest. Away from the circular main building, the villas fit discreetly and elegantly into the landscape. Some of them have a small pool in front of the door. A small river separates the resort from the sea, where a spacious sun deck is located at the end of the pier.

In the immediate vicinity of the resort are 10 golf courses and numerous sports facilities are available within the resort. 6 restaurants, some of them à la carte, offer Turkish, Mediterranean, American, Italian, as well as Asian dishes.

Gloria Serenity Resort is located 37 km from the Antalya Airport.

  • HolidayCheck: 96.66 % | 695 Reviews
  • Booking.com: 9.1/10 | 63 Reviews
  • TripAdvisor: 94.36 % | 3319 Reviews
  • Facebook: No Ratings
  • Google: 4.8/5 | 1735 Ratings
  • Average Rating: 94.50 %

13. Rixos Premium Belek

This all-inclusive 5-star resort is located near Belek in the Taurus Mountains. The mountains provide majestic views behind the complex with lush gardens and in front the hotel's own beach with turquoise blue water. Slightly off to the side are the tranquil villa areas and pool suites. The resort has a generously designed wellness center, a water park with 10 water slides, and offers various sports facilities.

Benefits associated with booking include childcare at the Rixy Club, which offers a balanced program of games, sports, and activities, and dining at the à la carte restaurants, where dishes from Turkish, Italian, and international cuisines are served, as well as steaks and seafood.

  • HolidayCheck: 91.66 % | 1439 Reviews
  • Booking.com: 9/10 | 848 Reviews
  • TripAdvisor: 90.69 % | 7661 Reviews
  • Facebook: No Ratings
  • Google: 4.7/5 | 4366 Ratings
  • Average Rating: 91.58 %

14. Mardan Palace, Kundu-Antalya

The ultra all-inclusive 5-star Titanic Mardan Palace resort covers an area of 137,000 m2 directly on the beach in Kundu, near Antalya. The palace-like complex has a water park with 6 slides and 6 pools, one of them is one of the largest outdoor pools in Europe. The accommodations are arranged around the pool. The hotel has a spa with special massage services and creative sports facilities. The kids club keeps the younger guests entertained.

The 10 restaurants, 8 of which are à la carte, serve dishes from Indian, Asian, Italian, Turkish, and Mediterranean cuisine, as well as grilled and fish specialties.

  • HolidayCheck: 91.66% | 52 Reviews
  • Booking.com: 9/10 | 166 Reviews
  • TripAdvisor: 94.59 % | 1148 Reviews
  • Facebook: No Ratings
  • Google: 4.5/5 | 2643 Ratings
  • Average Rating: 91.56 %

15. Regnum Carya, Belek

Regnum Carya is an all-inclusive 5-star beach resort in Belek. A long pier with a 1800 m2 sun deck leads from the hotel's own sandy beach directly into the sea. The resort has a luxurious wellness center, sauna, steam bath, 5 pools, a water park with slides, a wave pool, and offers a varied sports program with 4 tennis courts and a golf course.

In the child-friendly complex, younger guests can have fun in the mini club, the children's pool, and play mini-golf. There are 8 restaurants, 7 of them à la carte. They serve dishes from Turkish, Mediterranean, Italian, Thai, Japanese, and Brazilian cuisine, as well as grilled dishes, fish, and seafood.

  • HolidayCheck: 83.33 % | 341 Reviews
  • Booking.com: No Reviews
  • TripAdvisor: 94.52 % | 4674 Reviews
  • Facebook: No Ratings
  • Google: 4.8/5 | 3181 Ratings
  • Average Rating: 91.28 %

16. NG Phaselis Bay, Kemer

The new 5-star NG Phaselis resort opened in May 2021. It's located at a secluded cove, 7 kilometers from Kemer. The resort scores with Beluga Bay, a long sandy beach that families prefer, while couples feel comfortable at Secret Bay.

The complex has an outdoor pool with water slides, a fitness and spa complex with a sauna, hamam, and various massage facilities. The Taurus Mountains in the background are fantastic and make NG Phaselis the new address for a privileged holiday. The 8 restaurants, 6 of which are à la carte, serve specialties from Turkish, Mediterranean, and Far Eastern cuisine, as well as seafood and steaks.

  • HolidayCheck: No Reviews
  • Booking.com: No Reviews
  • TripAdvisor: 94.64 % | 56 Reviews
  • Facebook: No Ratings
  • Google: 4.8/5 | 49 Ratings
  • Average Rating: 95.32 %

If you have any comments or questions about these beautiful resorts, please ask them in the comment section below. If you need more help picking out the perfect resort for your dream vacation in the Antalya region, contact our qualified team for support.

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