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The Guide to Team Building in Antalya

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A successful team building event encourages collaboration and teamwork. It brings people together, develops their strengths, and makes your employees feel valued.

In Antalya we offer team building with 24/7 support, custom travel planing, and the entire organization of events with carefully selected partners. 

We will find the right team building event for your purposes and your group size. Contact us, so we can send you a custom non-binding offer within 24 to 48 hours. 

We have the right events. Anything is possible from a belly dancing workshop to drum circles on the beach.

Our Benefits in Antalya

24/7 Support

We are available 24/7, if your team building event lasts until the early morning. 

Custom Planing

Custom travel planing with benefits at selected locations in Antalya and in Turkey. 

Single Source

Talk with a single person for your transfers, the location, hotel, and events in Antalya. 

Classic Team Building or a Custom Event?

Here are our most popular team building events. We also organize and actualize custom requests for events in Turkey.

1. Survivor Tribal Games

Compete in different teams, or rather, tribes. Survivor tribal games are an exciting way to improve effective communication as well as leadership.

2. Treasure Hunt

Can you work together to find the treasure in time? This event can be held in places like Antalya's old town, the Kurşunlu Waterfall Natural Park, or even on the premises of your conference hotel.

3. Beach Olympics

Improve skills, like creative solutions and strategic planning, during a fun day on one of Antalya's picturesque beaches. Divided into groups, you will face different challenges that involve a lot of water.

4. Drum Circle

Sit in a circle and communicate with your team through music. This rhythmic team building event is a fun indoor event that promotes a sense of belonging while relieving stress.

5. Setup My Tent

Setting up a tent is not that difficult, you say? Try it blindfolded and under time pressure! To beat the other team, you need to communicate well and trust each other.

6. Belly Dance Workshop

Where better to immerse yourself in the world of belly dancing than in Turkey? Men, women, and yes even the boss, can move their hips and have fun. This event is also possible in your own conference rooms.

7. Whitewater Rafting

Visit the impressive Köprülü Canyon, a natural wonder in Turkey. Enjoy a rafting tour on the Köprülü River, one of the most popular rafting routes in Turkey, with your team.

8. Bamboo Raft Building

Building a raft is one of the most popular team building events in the world. It's an effective activity that demands team work, strategic planning, and competition.

9. Archery Tournament

An exciting tournament with a bow and arrow is a team event that will be remembered for a long time. Which team collects the most points and leaves the field victorious?

10. Classics

We can also organize classic events such as karaoke, fire walking, and paintball. Get in touch with us to learn about available team building events. 

Besides these activities, we can provide a 100 % custom made event with the activities you want.

Here are the latest pictures taken during our team building events in Antalya.

Frequently Asked Questions

When are payments due?

The due date for payment depends on muliple factors, such as the number of participants, the type of event, and the use of materials. Small-scale events can be paid for on site, whereas larger events often require prepayment.

Once we have received your non-binding request, we will gladly provide you with all the details.

Can I cancel on short notice?

A cancellation fee may apply for large events, especially if our partners had to make preparations. Smaller events, on the other hand, can often be canceled on short notice.

Who takes care of the equipment, clothing, and protective gear?

Appropriate clothing should be brought by your participants. We arrange any necessary materials, utensils, and games. Protective gear for paintball is provided by our partners.

Your participants should wear the right clothing underneath, which can get dirty. This also applies to survival parks, climbing gardens, and other outdoor events. We will let you know in advance about the recommended clothing.

What happens in the case of bad weather?

Indoor events are not affected by bad weather. If you have planned an outdoor event and would like to hold it even if it rains, this can be implemented. In the case of a storm, thunderstorm, or hail this is not possible. In these cases, outdoor events would need to be canceled.

If cancellation fees will be charged, depends on the partner providing the event. Following your request, we will be happy to let you know about all the conditions in advance.

Is there a maximum number of participants?

The maximum number of participants depends on your selected event space. If the number of participants is too large, the participants may need to be divided into several groups. Some team building activities, such as a climbing garden, have limits on the size of the group.

We can also arrange team building events for large-scale events.

Are there specific limits for age, health, and accessibility?

Some team building events require a legal minimum age. If students take part in such an event, a written consent form from the parents/legal guardians may be required.

Outdoor events sometimes have restrictions in terms of accessibility. We can also arrange team building events that people with disabilities can enjoy.

The Purpose of Team Building in Antalya

Antalya is a famous destination for summer, sun, and beach holidays.

There are numerous attractions, activities, and sights in Antalya, like rafting in Köprülü Canyon, beaches, and ancient ruins. These are all a possibility to spend quality time together.

There isn't much opportunity or time in the office for colleagues to get to know each other better.

Taking employees out of the office and treating them to a team-building event helps them get to know their colleagues in a fun environment. In this way, they can build effective working relationships.

Shared experiences, impressions, and memories will them help to bond in the future. A team building event can improve motivation, boost team morale, and increase productivity.

Successful team building events can be transferred back to the workplace and will be remembered long after the event is over.

We will be there to assist you in choosing the right team building event in Antalya. Please contact us for an initial non-binding consultation, where we can review your needs.

Our Benefits in Antalya

  • The Entire Accompanying Program: We can organize group transfers from the airport, venues, hotels, catering, and much more. You only need to talk to a single source. 
  • 24/7 Customer Support: Will the event last until early in the morning? No problem. We are at your disposal 24/7 for all your questions during your team building event.
  • Individual Consultation: Once we have received your inquiry, we will look over your requirements and send you a no pressure offer, tailored to your preferences within 24 to 48 hours.

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