The Land of Legends Theme Park in Belek

 Experience this legendary and unique world of fairy tales in Antalya.

The Land of Legends is a huge entertainment park located near Belek, about 1 kilometer away from the coast. It's the most popular theme park in the whole Antalya region and attracts close to 2 million people each year from all around the world. This family park is definitely a place not to miss in Antalya.

Upon entering the resort, you are immediately taken to the world of fairy tales. The resort is also called the Disneyland of Antalya for a good reason. It offers a wonderful space to let go of restraints and activate children's and their parents' imagination.

With its numerous attractions, including the fairy tale castle, a huge water park, and an exciting adventure park, the Land of Legends is a great place to experience entertaining moments. 

The facility is not just a daily attraction, it's also a full experience where you can spend a few days of your trip. In fact, you and your family can stay a few nights in the Kingdom Hotel, which is located directly in the park, and enjoy a fun and an unforgettable holiday.

On this page, you will find a complete guide with all the important information you need to know about the Land of Legends Park and the Kingdom Hotel!

Tickets & Entrance to the Land of Legends Theme Park

Tickets & Entrance to the Land of Legends Theme Park

The Land of Legends is operated by the Rixos Hotel Group, therefore all guests staying at any of the Rixos hotels automatically have free entry to the entertainment park. A free shuttle service is provided by all Rixos hotels in the Antalya province.

Some selected hotels in Belek also offer free entrance for their guests, as well as many other resorts in the Antalya province. These hotels organize day trips to the Land of Legends for the whole family. Find the best place to stay in our list of recommended hotels in Antalya.

If you want to reach the park with a private car, there are a total of 1,300 free parking spaces available. 

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The Land of Legends Kingdom Hotel

The Land of Legends Kingdom Hotel

Upon entering the resort, you are taken to the world of fairy tales, the modern and comfortable rooms are imaginatively decorated and focused on the world of children.

The concept continues throughout the resort, everywhere you will see the inspiration of legends and fairy tales. Even the corridors of the hotel are designed like fairy tales.

Each room has a free play station with various games. Games are played via the beamer, which is connected to the play station. Throughout the hotel, there are free games everywhere around, such as arcade games and much more.

The Land of Legends Kingdom Resort is by far the most popular resort in the whole Antalya region, hosting more than a million visitors and their families each year. This resort offers more than bedding. It's a really fun and unique experience where you can leave your worries outside during your stay.

Main Benefits of the Kingdom Hotel

Main Benefits of the Kingdom Hotel

One of the main benefits of the stay is the fact that you can use the entire facility for free, including water park, theme park, shopping facilities, and attractions. This is valid for the entire duration of your stay.

Deluxe Family Rooms

Familiy Rooms with seperate rooms for the children, a Play Station, and a magic interior for your children to marvel.

Entrance to the Park

Hotel guests enjoy free entrance to the water park, adventure park, events, and shows at the Land of Legends Theme Park.

All-Inclusive Option

You can choose the all-inclusive option to eat at the restaurants and buffets in the Land of Legends Kingdom Hotel.

Arcade Games

Play pinball, arcade games, and consoles games in the hotel for free. It is up to you. 

Spa, Pool and Stylist

Start the day at the pool, get a massage at the spa and visit the hair stylist at the afternoon to feel rejunivated.

Mini Club

Little guest are able to meet new friends and play at the the Land of Legends Kingdom Hotel Mini Club. 

Water Park, Dolphins, and Slides

Water Park, Dolphins, and Slides

The huge water park has a total of 55 slides and offers fun for old as well as young people. The Space Rocket will entice you with the chance to become a "water astronaut". For those who prefer a little less thrills, there is a gentler slide, or perhaps you would like to slide in a boat with the whole family on the Family Float?

Anything and everything that can be done in the water, you will find in the water park. If you are interested, you can also take diving lessons.

Maybe you would like to swim with the dolphins, trainers provide information about the life of the dolphins and how they are cared for in the park. Those who want to participate must be at least 8 years old and know how to swim. 

Main Attractions in the Water Park

The water park offers 55 water slides that provide an adrenaline rush, some a little more, some a little less. In the conical Magicone you spin in the water, Tower Falls plunges you headfirst into the pool, Rafting Rapids whirls you through foaming tide, the glass Infinity Pool invites you to swim in seawater, and Float Roader has you surfing on a solid wave.

50+ Slides

The water park offers 55 water slides that provide an adrenaline rush, some a little more, some a little less.

Wild River

Take an exciting boat ride on the Wild River, whose shores are bordered by high cliffs like in a canyon.

Secret Lagoon

20 adventures await you in the Secret Lagoon and each one guarantees adrenaline for sure.

Tower Falls

Fall vertically into the water at Tower Falls, either headfirst or upright... adrenaline rush is guaranteed... 

Dolphin Encounter

Swim in a private pool with the dolphins for 15 minutes and learn more about these amazing animals.

Mythical Journey

Walk 4 meters underwater with colorful tropical fish, while sharks swim in the pool next to you.

Visit the Adventure Park, Roller Coaster, and Attractions

Visit the Adventure Park, Roller Coaster, and Attractions

More than 30 rides await you in the very richly designed theme park. It offers everything you would expect from an adventure park. Some rides provide an enormous adrenaline rush, even for professionals.

On the Hyper Coaster you rise 62 meters into the air, close enough to touch the sky. Typhoon Coaster, on the other hand, takes you from a height of 43 meters into and through the water, while Sky Fighter keeps you flying in the air for several minutes. Those who want a little quieter experience will be thrilled by the chain carousel. Maybe you would also like to try the flying carpet?

Main Attractions at the Adventure Park

One of the main attractions is without a doubt the 62 meter high Hyper Coaster, with which you really seem to reach the sky. Thypoon Coaster, Sky Walker, Street Games, Hurricane, Power Fall and Finger Coaster... Decide for yourself what suits you the best...

Hyper Coaster

Rise 62 meters into the air and try to touch the sky on the Hyper Coaster. Adrenaline guaranteed...

Water Mania

Ride through the water for 6 minutes while trying to splash others with the integrated water guns....

Typhoon Coaster

From a height of 43 meters you will be taken high speed into and through the water.

Family Swing

Enjoy a view of the surroundings while you glide through the air on the chain carousel. Nostalgic and fun...

Family Coaster

This nostalgic train starts off slowly, but then begins to wind its way up in circles before falling straight down...


Water is not always needed for swimming. The kids will love to plunge into the bath of colorful balls. 

Legendary Shows, Events, and Concerts

Legendary Shows, Events, and Concerts

With breathtaking events and performances by world-renowned artists, the Land of Legends captivates visitors of all ages. On the magnificent boat show on the canal each evening, you will be dipped into the world of fantasy. A "journey beyond imagination" is how the entertainer describes the Boat Show. 

At the end of the canal stands a fairy-tale castle, which towers over the entire complex at a height of 111 meters. The laser shows against this backdrop are impressive. The Chimera Fountain, on the other hand, hosts colorful water shows, where the fountains seem to dance with the melody, literally melting into it.

In addition, the Land of Legends hosts DJ shows, exhibitions, special concept events, and concerts.

Main Show and Boat Parade

1. Main Show and Boat Parade

The canal, which stretches through the middle of the castle-like shopping mall with its white, palace-like buildings all the way to the fairy-tale castle, plays host every evening to a fantastic event that will transport you to another world with shimmering lights reflected in the water, fanciful costumes and Franco Dragone musical shows. Franco Dragone, the Belgian theater director known for his work with Cirque du Soleil, says he wants to "make the invisible visible".

2. Dolphin Show

Luna, Aras, Honey, Xenia, and Loza - these are the main characters of the dolphin show. They swim synchronously along with their trainers in the water, play with balls and rings, and perform other tricks. American marine biologists have found out that the intelligent animals are happy when they are able to solve a task and their chattering can therefore be interpreted to be a kind of laughter.

Masha and the Bear

3. Masha and the Bear

This show for small guests is offered at the circus palace. Masha, a cute little girl who is a bit clumsy, and her friend the bear, who used to be a circus bear, experience various adventures here. The show takes place several times a day at set times.

Free Entrance and Transfers for Rixos Hotel Guests

The Land of Legends Theme Park is managed by Rixos Hotels. Guests at Rixos Hotels in the Antalya province enjoy free entrance to the theme park

There is also a free shuttle service from Rixos Hotels throughout the Antalya province to visit The Land of Legends Theme Park. 

This includes Rixos Premium Belek, Rixos Premium Tekirova, Rixos Sungate, Rixos Beldibi, and Rixos Downtown Antalya.

Selected hotels in Belek have also special agreements with the Land of Legends Theme Park for free entrance. One example is the Regnum Carya 5-Star High Class Hotel. 

Shopping Avenue with 100+ Stores

Shopping Avenue with 100+ Stores

The elegant shopping mall presents itself like a castle complex. It has white palace-like buildings lined up along the canal that flows through the center of the courtyard. As in Venice, you can even ride a gondola on the canal.

300 internationally known labels and numerous Turkish brands are offered in over 100 stores. The range of goods covers almost all areas, including clothing, cosmetics, toys, leather goods, decorative items, cosmetics, electrical goods. You can find everything here.
If you get hungry, find a place in one of the numerous cafés or restaurants that offer something for every taste

Restaurants, Bars, and Food

Restaurants, Bars, and Food

Numerous restaurants and cafés can be found throughout the complex. Almost every flavor is offered. Kids love the donuts kiosks and the popcorn stand, while parents can enjoy a coffee at Starbucks.

Of course there is pizza and hamburgers, but Turkish cuisine can also be found, and the Lebanese restaurant is said to be particularly good. Perhaps you will sit down in one of the cafés along the canal, enjoy the atmosphere, and watch the colorful hustle and bustle all around.

Impressions from The Land of Legends

Here are more pictures from the Land of Legends Theme Park, including the water park, Hotel, and the adventure park.

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