Diving in Antalya: The Complete Guide 

Last Updated on February 15, 2024
Diving in Antalya in Turkey

Do you like diving? If the answer is, yes...in Antalya, you won't be disappointed! The Antalya region is the best place to dive in Turkey. With many beautiful underwater places in the region, you will discover what lies beneath the Mediterranean waves.

With professional teams from the best Turkish diving schools and the proper equipment for your level, you can dive very easily and safely in Antalya. We have the best places and addresses for you in this complete guide to diving, scuba diving, and snorkeling in the Antalya province. 

In this article, you will find the prices and what they include, the best sites, diving schools, and frequently asked questions. Let's dive into it!

Turtle during a dive at Kas in Turkey

The Best Diving, Scuba Diving, and Snorkeling Sites in Antalya

Kaş is the diving capital of Turkey and one of the top 100 dive sites in the world because of its rich marine life and ancient relics. There are over 30 dive sites, all within a 20-minute boat ride.

Kemer is another very popular dive site in the region. Here, too, you will find many dive sites, beautiful underwater landscapes, and abundant species of underwater animals.

The areas around Side are well suited for beginners. Here the bottom is sandy and there is less diversity in species. You can snorkel along the entire coast or on one of the many boat tours offered.

Here are some specific places to go to for diving in the Antalya region.

  • Üç Adalar: Three islands near Tekirova, in Kemer. They are ideal for all kinds of diving and the landscape is breathtakingly beautiful. Adventure Reef is up 60-70 meters deep. Read more about Üç Adalar Islands in Antalya.
  • French Ship Wreck, MS PARIS II: This freighter was sunk by more than 60 shots of Turkish artillery after World War 1 when it took Kemer, at that time a fishing village, under fire. Today, the 70-meter-long and 15-meter-wide, well-preserved wreck can be dived. The wreck lies at a depth of 21- 31 meters on the bottom of the sea. Check out other things to do in Kemer.
  • DO 28: The Dornier Do 28 is a small transport aircraft from 1967 that was on the scrapping list. The plane was grounded in the sea and can be dived at of 19.5 to 23.3 meters.
  • Cave Diving: On the cliffs of Antalya there are numerous different sized caves. A diving certificate is required for cave diving. Usually the dives are accompanied by a professional local guide. Learn about caves in Antalya.
  • Side Underwater Museum: This museum is located about 12 meters under the sea. There are 110 sculptures representing parts of Anatolian history. If you are curious, read about the Side Archeological Museum.
  • Amphora: Is only 5 minutes away from Alanya harbor by boat. Various underwater creatures like grouper, moray, octopus, thorn back ray, and pigfish can be observed near the broken pieces of amphora, which gave its name to this diving location in Alanya. Get to know things to do in Alanya here.
Diving in Antalya in Turkey

PADI and CMAS Diving Schools in Antalya

There are several PADI and CMAS diving schools in the Antalya region where you can also obtain an international diving license.

Most of them are located directly in the center of Antalya

Additionally, there are licenced schools in the main diving hubs, in Kemer and Kaş. 

How much does Scuba Diving Cost in Antalya (Editorial)

Cost of Scuba Diving Cost in Antalya

Scuba Diving is quite affordable in Turkey, compared to European countries. 

  • Diving tours generally last several hours and usually include two 20 minute dives. The offers vary depending on the provider.
  • There are also courses for beginners.

There are also multi-day diving tours and private diving tours. For example, you can book a one-week diving trip on a Turkish gulet motor sailer in a small group. These are of course much more expensive than a normal diving trip.

How to book Diving Trips in Antalya

How to Book Diving Trips in Antalya

Diving tours can be booked either online or directly with tour operators.

The available online courses are usually for beginners and intermediates. Multi-day trips, wreck diving, and similar excursions usually require direct contact with a diving school. 

Feel free to also ask us about the options currently available in the Antalya province. Here's a form you can fill out to reach our team. We'll get back at you as soon as possible.

When is the best time for Diving in Antalya

Best Time for Diving in Antalya

Diving conditions are excellent throughout the season from April to November with visibility up to 30 meters. Some Diving schools are open all year long. 

Climate: The main season in Antalya lasts from April utill the end of October. Temperatures between 25° and 35° degrees are normal during the main season. Divers can expect temperatures between 15° to 25° in the winter. 

Diving Trips in Antalya

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

Can a non-swimmer also dive?

Yes, you are allowed to dive as a non swimmer, but there are limits. You are only allowed to make simple dives with an instructor. 

Is diving in Turkey expensive?

In comparison to other countries, Turkey offers affordable prices for SCUBA diving.

Are there wreck diving opportunities in Antalya?

There are several wrecks that can be dived. The most famous is the freighter, MS PARIS II, near Kemer. Also, worth mentioning are the Society wreck near Kaleiçi, Antalya and the Uluburun wreck near Kaş. 

Are children also allowed to dive?

In Turkey, diving for people under the age of 14 is forbidden by law. Younger guests can enjoy snorkeling.

If you prefer to look at the underwater world from the inside, you might also enjoy the a visit to the Antalya Aquarium

We are curious! Let us know in the comments what you like about diving and when you would wish to dive in Turkey! 

Continue creating your perfect trip to Antalya with our help. Plan your trip to Antalya and Book your stay in Antalya in one of our selected hotels with the links below. 

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