Caves in Antalya: Underground Exploration and Adventure 

Antalya is an ideal destination to discover caves and have yourself in an adventurous exploration.

There are famous places, like the third-longest underwater cave in the world, Altınbeşik. Damlataş Cave is the reason why there is tourism in Alanya and Karain Cave tells stories from long forgotten times in Antalya. 

Here is our collection of additional caves that are worth seeing through out the whole province of Antalya. 

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Things to know before visiting

The entrances to the caves are often on hill slopes and must be climbed on foot with stairs or stony paths. The interiors are damp and clammy, there may be water accumulation, and the paths are uneven, bumpy, and possibly slippery. So, solid footwear is required. The temperature inside the caves is usually not above 20 degrees. Do not be misled by high temperatures outside in the summer and take a jacket with you.

In the summer months, from April to October, the caves are usually open from 08:00 to 19:00, while in the winter months they close at 17:00. Entrance fees are very moderate, so a visit to Karain cave costs much less than a few euros.

If you want to explore caves on your own, please observe generally applicable safety precautions, pay attention to the weather forecast, remember the appropriate equipment, inform the relevant authorities when and where you want to go, and which cave you want to visit. You should never underestimate caves and never overestimate yourself.

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