Package Rights 

Last Updated on May 16, 2021
Package Rights for Antalya

1. We will make certain that you will get all the necessary details about the package prior to closing the package travel agreement.

2. There is at least one dealer who is accountable for the correct presentation of your travel services incorporated in the deal.

3. Travelers are offered an emergency telephone number or information. There is also a contact point where you could reach out to the coordinator or the travel agent.

4. Travelers are allowed to handover the package to another individual, on fair warning. Perhaps travelers will be accountable to extra charges for handing over package to another individual.

5. The fee of your package can only be escalated if particular charges increase. One example is an increase in fuel rates. This should nit happen later than 20 days prior to the beginning of your package holidays. In case the fee surpasses 8 % of the rate of your pachakge holidays, you could dismiss the deal. In case the organizer retains the right to a fee rise, you have the rigt to a fee discount if there is a decline in applicable prices of your package holidays. 

6. Travelers can dismiss the deal. This is possible for you without paying any close charge and with a complete repayment. This is true in case any of the needed features of the package holidays, other than the fee, are altered considerably. If the trader accountable for the deal cancels the contract priort to the beginning of the agreement, you are eligable for a reimbursement and payment where suitable.

7. You can let go of the package deal without paying any closure charge prior to the beginning of the contract in the occasion of special conditions. This are for example severe security glitches which are possible to upset the deal at the destination of your package holidays. 

8. You could during any time prior to the beginning of your package trip discontinue the deal in return for a suitable and reasonable closure charge.

9. In case after the beginning of the contract, important features of the package deal cannot be offered as decided, there will be appropriate substitute preparations for you at no additional charge. Travelers can close the package deal in this case without paying any closure charge. You are also eligible if amenities are not done in agreement with the package deal and this considerably impacts the presentation of your contract and the organizer is unsuccessful to resolve the issue.

10. You are also permitted to a fee discount and/or reimbursement for damages where the travel facilities are not done or are incorrectly executed.

11. We, as a organizer, offer help to our travelers if your are in distress.

12. If the organizer or, in some EU-Member States, the retailer becomes bankrupt, payments would be reimbursed. If the organizer or, where appropriate, the retailer becomes bankrupt after the beginning of the contract and if transport is incorporated in the deal, return of the tourists is protected., licenced as Wise Tour GmbH in the European Union, based in Vienna, has choosen the government backed Austrian fund for travel agencies. 

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