4 Best Spots for Canyoning in the Antalya Region [with FAQ] 

Last Updated on December 19, 2022
Canyoning in Antalya

If you like canyoning and you are visiting Antalya, you won't be disappointed. The region offers quite a lot of amazing spots to practice this water sport, as well as others like diving, sailing, and rafting.

On this page, you will learn everything about the 4 best locations for canyoning, available canyoning packages, and frequently asked questions. We will start with the canyoning options from the east in Alanya to the west in Kaş. 

Please keep in mind, not all canyoning packages are available in every resort town in Antalya. We advise you to ask on site before booking, to be sure to get the experience you expect. For more information, check out our page about canyons in Antalya.

Let's dive into it...

1. Köprülü Canyon (Rafting, Zippline, and Canyoning)

Turkey's largest rafting center is located 90 kilometers northeast of Antalya in Köprülü Canyon. It's a 366 km2 canyon and national park. Here you will find whitewater and rapids of all sizes and degrees of difficulty.

Rafting on 12 kilometers of ice-cold spring water under the scorching heat of the sun is a wonderful experience. Eight months a year you can go rafting in Köprülü Canyon. If you take an organized tour, the equipment is usually provided. The water does not get warmer than 15 degrees maximum, even in the summer.

Jeep safari tours explore the canyon in an adventurous way. The jeep safari route is mostly on dirt roads known as off-roading and mountainous terrain.

If you want, you can try the zip line for an adrenaline rush.

By the way, Köprülü Canyon means "Bridge Canyon", so look out for the stone bridges after which the canyon is named.

Within Köprülü Canyon, lies Tazı Canyon, also called Eagles Canyon. It's a natural canyon formed by streams. To get there, you have to hike about 11 km through the steep rocks, high in the mountains to finally be rewarded with a fantastic view.

If you are staying between Antalya and Kemer, day tours are available. These are often a combination of rafting and canyoning.

2. Ahmetler Canyon

About 40 kilometers from Manavgat, inland in the foothills of the Taurus Mountains, lies Ahmetler Canyon, the third-deepest canyon in Turkey. The canyon is about 7 kilometers long and has a height difference of 250 meters. It can be hiked, but professional equipment and guidance are a must.

There are many narrow, winding passages and you are forced to wade and swim in the cold stream water over and over again. The last part can be climbed from the end of the canyon and is equipped with fixed ropes for this purpose. Due to the high, steep hillsides it's quite cool because there is hardly any sunlight.

There are two old mills above the canyon that were used by the inhabitants of the village of Ahmetler until not so long ago. An asphalt road leads here through the forest, but it's damaged in many areas and requires very careful driving.

At the old water mill, there are wooden picnic benches, tea, and a simple breakfast is served. Tours are available if you are staying between Alanya and Manavgat, but most routes start in the immediate area.

3. Göynük Canyon (Hiking and Canyoning)

Göynük Canyon in Antalya in Turkey

Göynük Canyon in Kemer offers hiking and canyoning opportunities for both beginners and experienced climbers. The natural surroundings are impressive with a wild river, picturesque waterfalls, and an impressive canyon.

On the 3 kilometer long hiking trail that leads to the end of the valley, over a steep slope into the canyon, you can only hear the sound of the river. It's not uncommon to see salamanders here. At the highest point of the slope, there is a viewpoint that offers a breathtaking view of the surroundings.

Those who want to go canyoning can join a guided tour that starts at the lake at the end of the trail. Other guests can take part in a quad safari or go rafting. 

4. Saklıkent Canyon (Rafting, Mud Bath, and Canyoning)

Saklıkent Canyon National Park near Kaş is famous for its 18 kilometer long canyon, where rafting is also available. It's located in a national park shared with the neighboring province of Muğla. The river flows from the mountains into the plain through a narrow valley that is up to 300 meters high. There are footbridges mounted in the rock walls for the first 200 meters, which lead to a small restaurant.

From there the canyoning tours start. Those who wish can also wade a little further into the canyon without a guide.

Rafting on floats in front of the canyon is popular. Organized tours usually include mud baths near the canyon.

Jeep safaris that lead into the canyon usually stop at the nearby ancient ruins of Xanthos or ancient ruins of Patara.

Day tours are offered for guests staying in the province of Antalya between Kaş and Kalkan, as well as for vacationers coming from the neighboring province in Fethiye and Ölüdeniz.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

  • Booking: In all major towns along the coast, there are providers for canyoning tours. Often resort also have excursions on display. Of course, you can book a canyoning tour online via the internet.
  • Best Places: Köprülü Canyon is a 366 km2 canyon located in a national park. It's one of the most popular canyons in the province of Antalya because of its variety.
  • Best time: Canyoning tours are available in Köprülü Canyon throughout the year. The best time for canyoning is, without a doubt, the summer season between April and October.
  • Opening Hours: For the latest information about opening hours, please consult the official website of the canyon. 
  • How to get to the canyon: The easiest way to get to the canyon is by rental car. Most of the time, public transportation passes, at least close to the canyon area, but due to infrequent departure times, this is not recommended. If you book a tour, you will usually be picked up from your hotel.


In the Antalya region there are many breathtaking canyons that you can visit for boating and hiking. Marvel at the natural wonders that were formed many thousands of years ago by a river cutting into the plateaus. Organized tours to the canyon are offered from coastal resorts, some of which combine rafting with jeep safaris tours.

Canyoning is hiking through a canyon, usually from the top down. It involves getting through the canyon by rappelling, climbing, jumping, and swimming. A high level of alpine skill is required, as well as weather and local knowledge. Those who want to go canyoning must be a bit serious and sure-footed. The right equipment is absolutely essential. You should never go canyoning alone and difficult routes should only be undertaken with the guidance of a local and professional expert.

The tours that are offered along the coast from beach resorts usually only lead to the easily accessible parts of the canyons and do not require any special equipment or previous experience. If you want to try professional canyoning, please check with local operators, who offer tours to small groups under professional guidance.

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