Special Event Support: Interpreters, Hostesses, and City Guides in the Antalya Region

Interpreters for Specialized Areas

We organize licensed sworn interpreters, hostesses, and city guides in all languages in the Antalya province. When holding professional events in fields like pharmacy, technology, and IT, you quickly realize that you often need qualified interpreters for specialized areas.

AntalyaTouristInformation offers you licensed sworn interpreters in Antalya for language support in specialized areas. This way, you can overcome language barriers and make your event a complete success. Our services also include interpreting services for live events.

We can also arrange hostesses who help out with small service tasks and translation work. For example, they can be assigned to your booth during trade fairs, the reception desk, or during events. Tell us your preferred languages and we will send you the right person for your event.

On top of that, you can book multilingual city guides with us, who will provide you and your guests with historical facts and valuable insights into places of interest in Antalya. Attractive daily rates are available. This way, you can design your events flexibly and, for example, also protect yourself against potential event postponements.

Experts in All Languages

Do you need an interpreter for a specific field of expertise?

We work with local licensed interpreters in specialized areas in the Antalya province. Simultaneous interpreting of meetings and live events is also one of our interpreters' areas of expertise.

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Which Interpreters Can You Arrange?

We provide interpreters in the Antalya region with flat rate prices. The price depends on the language, qualifications, and the subject area.

1. Licensed Interpreters in the Antalya Region

Our partners include court sworn interpreters in the Antalya province.

2. Areas of Expertise

Competent knowledge is required in order to translate specialized areas correctly. We work with the right interpreters in the Antalya region.

3. Simultaneous Interpreting

Looking for interpreters to translate corporate events, speeches, and other live events? We have qualified interpreters in the Antalya province.

47 + Selected Interpreters

Our Partners include licensed and sworn interpreters in the Antalya region in specialized areas.

Which Hostesses Han You Arrange?

We can provide hostesses in the Antalya region with flat rate prices.

1. For Trade Fairs in the Antalya Region

We work with hostesses who can also help as service staff at the reception, as well as take over small interpreter functions.

2. Events in the Antalya Region

Our hostesses are typically responsible for tasks such as, reception, greeting, customer seating, and guest registration.

Selected Agencies 

Our partners are the top agencies in the Antalya province. Send your request for trade fair and event hostesses in Antalya here.

Multilingual City Guides

We provide multilingual guides in the Antalya province starting with a flat rate per day. The price depends on the languages and the areas of expertise. 

1. Private City Tours in the Antalya Region

City tours are an excellent enrichment activity for your guests and employees. Whether ancient cities like Olympos, Myra, and Phaselis, picturesque beaches like Kaputaş and Cleopatra Beach, or the incredible natural wonders of the Antalya province, our city guides offer private tours tailored to the interests of your guests.

2. Group Tours in the Antalya Region

A fun group tour in the Antalya region is a wonderful reward for employees after a long day at the trade fair. Guests you have invited will also love group tours that offer a deep, yet fun insight into this fascinating region's rich history.

We also handle arrangements for buses, venues, and restaurants upon request.

Selected City Guides in Antalya

We are one of the best partners for arranging tickets, tours, and guided tours in the Antalya region for private and business clients.

We will be delighted to organize a guide suitable for your purposes, with matching specialization areas and language skills.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have interpreters for specialized areas?

At trade fairs and events, you need to describe details accurately in specialized areas, for example, processes in the pharmaceutical industry and the financial sector. We provide the right interpreter with the necessary knowledge in these specialized areas.

Is it possible to translate live events?

We organize simultaneous interpreting with the appropriate technology. Our interpreters also translate events, speeches, and live events. Get in touch with us and tell us your requirements.

Are they flexible with time?

You can book our interpreters with a daily fee. The same goes for our city guides in the Antalya region. Hourly rates are common for hostesses.

Can hostesses help with small service tasks?

Our hostesses are happy to take care of small tasks such as receiving guests, taking care of drinks at your booth during trade fairs, and similar tasks. Please let us know your requirements in your initial request. We would be happy to arrange the right hostesses for your event.

One Language, One Man. Two Languages, Two Men.

Many international companies have adopted English as the primary language they work with.

Being able to communicate in your best language, especially in important situations, is a must.

That's why a professional, sworn interpreter, with the appropriate areas of expertise, is the perfect tool to express yourself in the right language.

They can be an indispensable aid and are especially important for translating specialized areas that require accurate translations.

We at AntalyaTouristInformation make the handling of events, meetings, and corporate events from one source possible. A single contact person, who is available for you around the clock, will take care of the hostesses, interpreters, and the entire supporting program, according to your wishes.

Simply let us know your needs during your free initial consultation.

Implementation From One Source

  • 24/7 Support: During the planning, preparation, and realization of events in the Antalya region.
  • From One Source: Complete implementation with one contact person, from the conference hotel to interpreters and the accompanying program.
  • Free Initial Consultation: Initial consultation with one of our experts to give you all the information about interpreters, hostesses, and city guides in the Antalya province.

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