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Are you tired of struggling with short, sparse lashes that just won't seem to grow? If so, you may want to consider getting silk eyelash extensions in Antalya, Turkey. 

This beauty treatment has become increasingly popular in recent years and for good reason. Not only do silk lashes provide a dramatic, eye-catching look, but they also last much longer than traditional strip lashes or mascara.

Whether you're a local or visiting Antalya on vacation, this article will provide you with all the information you need to know about silk eyelash extension treatments in the city. From the different types to common asked questions, we've got you covered. 

So, if you're ready to upgrade your lash game, keep reading!

What is the Definition of Silk Eyelashes?

Silk eyelashes are a cosmetic option to enhance the appearance of your lashes, making them appear fuller and longer. They are fabricated using silk material and come in different volume options. The lashes are attached to your natural lashes along the upper eyelid using a medical-grade adhesive, and the design allows for the bottom of your natural lashes to remain unobstructed.

Types of Silk Eyelash Styles

Silk lashes are categorized into C-curve and J-curve options. Women with curly lashes opt for C-curve lashes, and those with straight lashes choose J-curve. If your natural lashes appear sparse, volume lashes can be applied to add fullness. The look can be further enhanced with 2D and 3D lashes.

See below an overview of the major silk eyelash varieties: 

1. Cat Eye Look

This style features shorter lashes near the inner corner and gradually increases in length to the middle and outer corners, resulting in an almond-shaped appearance.

2. Doll Eye Style

The lashes are longest in the center of the eyelid, giving the eye a more open appearance. The lashes are shortest at the inner and outer corners. This style resembles natural lashes.

3. Dramatic Look

This style features a sudden transition from short lashes to longer lashes, creating a dramatic effect and adding maximum length.

How long does it take to apply Silk Eyelashes?

The application process takes 1.5 to 2 hours, and it is recommended to have maintenance every month in order to keep the lashes looking full and lush.

Is Silk Eyelash Extension Treatment Damaging to Natural Lashes?

No, silk eyelash extensions are not damaging to natural lashes. They are made from pure silk, which is gentle and lightweight, so they won't pull on or damage your lashes.

If you have Silk Lashes, can you wear Mascara or Eyeliner?

You should avoid using eyeliner and mascara with silk lashes, and oily makeup removers, rubbing makeup removers, eye creams, hot showers, and saunas may cause the glue to loosen and result in the lashes falling off.

Can You Remove Silk Eyelashes at Home?

To remove your silk lashes, you can use an oil-based makeup remover.

Who can benefit from Silk Lashes? 

Silk eyelashes are perfect for those who have short lashes and don't have time for makeup, as they provide a natural, fuller look without any effort.

When Does the Shedding of Silk Lashes Begin?

The lifespan of silk lashes is approximately 7-8 weeks after application. After 4-5 weeks, the shedding process begins gradually. To extend the longevity of your lashes, regular maintenance and reapplication of new lashes is recommended. Your natural lashes also undergo shedding and replacement cycles.

What Are the Post-Application Considerations for Silk Lashes?

  • Swimming and showering are permissible, but avoid rubbing your eyes while washing your face.
  • Use cotton to remove makeup and avoid oil-based makeup removers as they weaken the glue.
  • Sleep on your back to prevent lashes from touching your pillow.
  • Schedule regular check-ups for 3 weeks.
  • Avoid chemical treatments (such as curling or perming) 2 days before and after the procedure.
  • Avoid saunas, steam rooms, and tanning beds for 2 days after application.
  • Do not use mascara or eyeliner for the first 48 hours.

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