How to Pick a Wedding Photographer in Turkey 

Last Updated on February 3, 2022
How to Pick a Wedding Photographers in Turkey

Wedding pictures create memories of the most beautiful day of your life that last forever. In order to capture your dream wedding in unique photos, not only your wedding dress and wedding location are important, but first and foremost a good wedding photographer is needed. 

In Turkey, wedding photographers are very important and some couples will postpone their wedding date to fit their photographer's schedule. Why is that? Well, in Turkey, there are 2 categories of photographers. First, there are the photographers booked by the venue. Usually they are very basic and not very creative photographers. Second, there are the modern photographers, that the couples hire themselves as a second photographer during the wedding.

In this guide to wedding photographers in Turkey, you will learn how to find a good photographer, what they cost, and other useful tips to make the best choice.

How Does It Work in Turkey?

In Turkey, the wedding venue usually provides a wedding photographer that is an official partner of the venue. The photographer has usually been working with the venue for years. This photographer usually takes photos at the wedding venue and surrounding area, but might not be the most creative or modern photographer.

If you want to make sure that your wedding pictures will be as modern and dreamlike as you have always imagined, you can hire a wedding photographer yourself instead.

With a privately hired photographer, you also have the advantage that you are not tied to the venue, but can go to the best and most beautiful photo spots all over the city. 

From creative to traditional, vintage or modern, depending on your personal preferences, you can choose between countless wedding photographers and their styles. With many weddings happening every day, even in the off season, there is a wide range of choices in Turkey.

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How To Find a Good Wedding Photographer in Turkey

To find a good wedding photographer for your perfect photos, it's really important to choose a professional photographer who specializes in weddings.

In general, professional wedding photographers also travel a significant distance to an agreed upon location in another city. Additional travel costs may apply.

Here's our advice...

Talk to several photographers about your ideas. 

Ask to see their portfolio of previous work. This way you can see if the photographer's style appeals to you. If you prefer modern photos instead of stiff and old-fashioned poses, this is the best way to make your choice. On the other hand, if you prefer traditional pictures, pay attention to photographers with such work.

Prices and services should also be discussed openly and specifically. How many hours is the photographer available? Is the photographer booked only for the photo shoot or also for the actual wedding ceremony? How many photos are included in the price and will they be edited? What ideas does the photographer have for an outdoor shoot? What happens in case of delays or if an emergency comes up and the photographer cannot be present on the wedding day?

Pay attention to the impression you get from the photographer. Do they seem respectable and trustworthy? Can they answer all your questions and even impress you with some good tips? Finally, all additional services should be listed in detail in the contract as discussed. These are some things to look out for.

It's also important to give yourself time to start looking for the right photographer. Many locals plan their wedding a year in advance. In order to be able to choose from the best photographers, early booking, between 6 and 12 months, in advance is highly recommended.

You should also not underestimate the importance of connecting with your photographer. If you don’t like the photographer, then you can't assume that the photo shoot will go as nicely as you might want.

Since the photographer is also giving instructions, suggesting poses, placing the bride and groom at the best angle, there should be no language barrier. If you do not know Turkish, it's best to make sure that the photographer speaks English well. You should not assume that English is a second language spoken by everyone in Turkey.

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How Much Does a Wedding Photographer Cost in Turkey?

Wedding photographer prices can vary greatly. The total price depends on many factors such as hours, additional services, and the photographer’s level of expertise.

Most wedding photographers in Turkey offer prices in the form of packages. These include the time your photographer covers your event, as well as aspects such as, how many wedding photos or edited wedding photos will be delivered in the end.

You should also clarify if photos will be taken indoors or/and outdoors. And, if the photographer takes pictures only at the photo shoot or also at the wedding reception.

Other services can include a wedding album, a DVD or USB stick with pictures, a wedding video, second photographer or assistant, travel costs, and much more.

When you talk with your photographer you can discuss which package is best suited for you and your needs and also fits your budget.

When Are the Wedding Photos Taken?

In most cases, the photos are taken on the wedding day, usually before the big wedding ceremony in the evening.

However, the latest trend is that many couples do a photo shoot after the wedding. The bride and groom get dressed up again and pose in their wedding dress and suit.

After-wedding shoots have the advantage of you being able to enjoy the photo shoot without the tension and strict schedule of the wedding. So, you can devote yourself completely to the photo shoot with the best mood and avoid a lot of stress on your wedding day.

Another advantage and highlight of these after-wedding shoots is that you can capture unique photos that you could not take otherwise. For example, imagine yourself in your wedding dress and suit stepping into the sparkling sea, where you pose surrounded by a gorgeous backdrop - in the best case, at sunset.

Such extraordinary shoots are easier to arrange with a privately hired wedding photographer than with those arranged by the wedding venue.

Since there is no shortage of sun, sand, and sea in Turkey, you can capture these unique shots almost anywhere. The moment of swimming in the sea in your wedding dress with the love of your life will certainly remain in your memory forever.

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Ideas for Photo Spots in Istanbul

Istanbul, with its location on the Bosphorus, the breathtaking skyline, and the exotic mix of Orient and Occident, is rich in fantastic photo opportunities. But where are the most beautiful wedding photo spots?

A good wedding photographer usually knows the best photo spots in Istanbul that will stand out wonderfully in your wedding pictures.

To give you an idea, so that you can start dreaming, here is a small overview of popular wedding photo spot ideas for unforgettable memories.

1. Ortaköy

If you stand on the pier or the shore of Ortaköy you will get a spectacular view of the mosque, the sparkling sea, and fluttering birds.

2. Blue Mosque

An absolute favorite is the Blue Mosque, which rises majestically behind the bride and groom.

3. Bosphorus

One of the most popular motifs is the glittering Bosphorus with the Bosphorus Bridge in the background. There are several places in Istanbul to get a stunning picture, even on a ship is a possibility.

4. Galata Tower

This photo location is particularly impressive after dark, when the iconic tower is illuminated in the most brilliant colors.

5. Hagia Sophia

The perfect photo spot, but please without tourists! Your wedding photographer can position you at a distance, so that only you and the world-famous Hagia Sophia can be seen. Inside Hagia Sophia is also a popular option.

6. Grand Bazaar

For Arabian Nights style wedding photos, the Grand Bazaar with its oriental flair is the ideal address.

7. Dolmabahçe Palace

Especially popular is the ornamental white entrance gate to the palace overlooking the Bosphorus.

8. Topkapı Palace

The magnificent Sultan's Palace offers a grand backdrop.

This is our advice on how to find the best photographer in Turkey. If you want more tips about the organization of a wedding in Turkey, check out our other articles below.


If you are looking for support in organizing your wedding or celebration in Turkey, ask us for a free quote! Here's our page about organization services in Turkey.

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