Wedding & Event Planners in Turkey: Guide and Budget 

Last Updated on February 16, 2023
Wedding and Event Planners in Turkey

If you want to make a dreamy "best-day-of-my-life" wedding in Turkey, the support of a professional wedding planner should definitely be considered. 

As a matter of fact, the wedding industry is considerable in Turkey. In one google research, you will find hundreds of available wedding venues, wedding bands or DJs, wedding hairdressers, wedding photographers, and many other things to check off your list before going down the aisle. Thankfully, wedding planners are more and more popular and skilled planners are now providing full service to the almost married couples in Turkey. 

In this guide, you will learn all the answers of questions you might have concerning wedding planners Wedding & Event Planners in Turkey : Where to find one ? How to pick the perfect one ? How much is the budget ? Let's find out !

What are Wedding Planner's duties in Turkey ?

Planning a wedding can be time consuming, overwhelming and stressful. Even more so when it is a destination wedding abroad, where distance and language can be a problem.

With the help of a wedding planner you can focus entirely on marrying the love of your life and choosing the most gorgious wedding dress, while a professional wedding planner in Turkey takes care of the entire planning process and the organization of your dream wedding.

From the beginning to the end, a wedding planner makes sure your wedding vision becomes a reality and that you stay on track with placing all the necessary orders while staying within your budget.

To this end, your wedding planner's expertise in the industry will help you hire the right vendors in Turkey, suggest caterers for your wedding dinner and cake, and can also negotiate contracts. Through know-how and contacts, wedding planners can save you a lot of money in the process.

Another important task is choosing the right wedding venue. Wedding planners in Turkey are experts when it comes to unique wedding ideas in Turkey. Therefore, they are the ideal partner to help you select the right wedding venue as well as the decorations that best fit your wedding theme and budget.

Your wedding planner will assist you in finding proper subcontractors for important aspects such as hair and makeup, wedding photos & videos and entertainment. This includes a live band or DJ, performers, fireworks, laser shows, sound and light arrangements, etc.

Wedding planners in Turkey can also be of great help with organizational aspects of your wedding. They can sort out legal paperwork and other requirements for the civil ceremony, which can be a great relief.

Furthermore, many wedding planners in Turkey will gladly help you organize your honeymoon.

If your wedding planner also coordinates the wedding itself, he/she will make sure that everything runs smoothly. He/She will coordinate the entire wedding, ensure that everything is set up properly, take care of the vendors and help your guests with any questions they may have.

In short, the wedding planner will design a wedding you wouldn't have planed on your own and make it as special and unique as it might be, and just for that, we say YES !

How much a Wedding Planner costs in Turkey ?

15 creative and unique ideas for amazing wedding in Turkey

A wedding planner’s cost depends on your wedding size, venue, time and the level of service provided.

Many wedding planners in Turkey work with packages. From budget-friendly packages to fully comprehensive all-inclusive packages, there are multiple options that vary in prices.

For example, a full-service wedding planner with complete planning will be more expensive than a package with partial planning; and for very creative and unique weddings, the cost can go much higher, as much as the uniqueness of the event.

How to find a Wedding & Event Planner in Turkey ?

Dreamy romantic weddings in garden in Turkey

Finding the right wedding planner can be crucial in ensuring that your dream wedding becomes a reality. We can help you find the right wedding planner in Turkey who shares your vision of the planning process and works within your budget.

Simply contact our team of experts through our contact form or by email!

Now you know all the details of how useful a wedding planner can be in planning your special day. Did we convince you to commit to a wedding planner in Turkey ? What are the tasks you fear the most while preparing your wedding ? Let us know in the comments below.

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