Popular Types of Retreats in Turkey [2023] 

Last Updated on May 2, 2023
Popular Types of Retreats Available in Turkey

Turkey offers a super safe space in beautiful surroundings to unwind and indulge in relaxing retreats. With professional staff and the most amazing locations, it's the perfect destination for soul-cleansing retreats where you can feel relaxed, safe, and comfortable.

Retreats are very popular in Turkey. Turkish people like to embark on getaways to escape the hustle and bustle of everyday life and recharge their batteries for the weekend. They particularly love group activities, which are awesome because they get you more energized.

Whether you are looking for dynamic group workshops with a like-minded community or if you want to be by yourself, we have the best options in our list below. Read to the end and fill in our form for special and personalized requests.

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1. Yoga Retreats

Yoga Retreats in Antalya in Turkey

Yoga retreats are a wonderful way to recharge and reboot while connecting with kindred spirits. Heal your mind, body, and soul by practicing yoga, with extra support from a professional and inspiring yoga instructor. Turn off all the noise and immerse yourself in the magnificent surroundings of your special yoga retreat in Turkey.

Yoga Retreats are becoming more popular in Turkey. One of the most popular places for yoga retreats in Turkey is the Antalya region, with its breathtaking natural surroundings and stunning beaches. Other well-known destinations include Bodrum, Marmaris, and Fethiye. You can choose from a range of classes that combine meditation, Pilates, healthy eating, wellness, and activities such as water sports, trekking, and cycling.

For more information about yoga retreats in Turkey, consult our dedicated guide or fill in our request form at the bottom of this page.

2. Sports Retreats 

Play Golf in Belek in Antalya

These types of retreats are ideal for people who are yearning for vitality, fitness, and sports rather than spirituality. Turkey boasts a range of options, from sports weeks in the mountains to personalized training programs with various water sports.

Spend a week exploring Turkey's fascinating underwater world. Some of the best diving spots, as well as licensed diving schools are located in Kaş, which is rich in marine life and ancient relics. Read more about diving in Antalya.

Thrill-seekers can spend an adventurous week rafting, canyoning, and hiking in Turkey's most famous and scenic canyons, situated in the Antalya province. Check out our guide to rafting, canyoning, and hiking in Antalya for more information.

If you are looking for a more relaxing sport, then a golf retreat in Belek is the right choice for you. It's a world-renowned hotspot for golfing.

There are plenty more options like fitness retreats and dance retreats, feel free to contact us for more details.

3. Wellness & Diet Retreats 

Wellness & Diet Retreats in Antalya in Turkey

A wellness retreat is all about focusing on your health and well-being. Most retreats combine cleansing programs with detox and fitness, as well as spa treatments, massages, and beauty treatments.

Turkey is especially famous for its detox diet retreats and relaxing spas that allow you to enjoy a luxury vacation at the same time. Depending on what your focus is - weight loss, detox, or healthy living - you can choose from a variety of wellness retreats in Turkey.

While detox programs can range from fresh juice liquid diets to healthy food diets, spas offer you a variety of treatments for the body and mind. Contact us if you want to book a healthy living retreat in the best facilities in Turkey.

4. Thermal Retreats 

Thermal Retreats in Antalya in Turkey

Turkey has more than 1,000 thermal springs with natural hot mineral waters that are said to have healing benefits for rheumatism, cardiovascular diseases, neck pain, eczema, skin and nerve diseases, intestinal disorders, and much more.

It's no surprise that Turkey is one of the most famous destinations for thermal retreats, where you can benefit from the natural healing powers of thermal water under expert guidance.

Here is a list with the most famous places with thermal springs in Turkey.

  • Pamukkale: A UNESCO World heritage site famous for travertines and antique hot springs.
  • Afyon: One of the leading spa areas in Turkey with thermal springs.
  • Yalova (in northwestern Turkey): Situated near the eastern coast of the Sea of Marmara.
  • Çeşme: Popular seaside town on the Aegean coast, close to Izmir. Famous springs are in Şifne and Ilıca.
  • Ilgin (in the Konya province): Springs rich in calcium, hydrocarbonate, and sodium
  • Çekirge (in Bursa): Hot springs, known as "silver waters", rich in sulfur, magnesium, and iron.
  • Balıklı (in the Sivas province): Balıklı thermal springs have small fish that are said to cure psoriasis.
  • Kestanbol (near Çanakkale): Thermal springs rich in calcium, sodium, iron, and carbon dioxide.
  • Oylat: Charming village near the city of Bursa; the water is also drinkable.
  • Gazligöl (near the city of Afyon): Thermal springs rich in carbon dioxide, sodium bicarbonate, sodium chloride, and fluoride

To book a thermal retreat in Turkey, just contact us. We will find you the best location to fit to your needs and budget. Fill in the form below.

5. Massage Retreats

Massage Retreats in Antalya in Turkey

In Turkey, there are many retreats for Turkish people and foreigners, where you have the chance to get to know various types of massage and learn different massage techniques.

There are also massage retreats for professional massage teachers.

As these retreats are getting more attention, it's expected that there will be even more massage retreats in English for foreigners in the future.

6. Healing Retreats

Yoga Retreats in Antalya Region in Turkey

Healing retreats are extremely popular. At this type of retreat, you slow down and learn centuries-old Asian health practices to support your body's self-healing mechanisms both physically, mentally, and emotionally.

There are a variety of healing retreats to choose from, such as Qigong retreats, Tai Chi, and Reiki healing retreats. One of the most famous healing retreats in Turkey is located in Dalyan. We are happy to help, if you have any questions.

7. Meditation Retreats 

How to book a Yoga Retreat in Turkey

Get in touch with your spiritual side and join a meditation retreat where you can deepen your meditation practice, learn new techniques, and develop your inner strength. 

The number of meditation retreats in Turkey that allow you to clear your mind and deepen your mindfulness in the serenity of nature, are increasing. Currently in Turkey, silent retreats offering Vipassana meditation are very popular. These are available near Fethiye and Aydın. If you want more information, feel free to contact us.

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With this information, our team will be able to send you the best retreats available in Turkey that meet your needs.

For more articles about sports in Antalya, check out our complete guide.

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