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Covid-19 (Coronavirus) Rules in Turkey

This is our guide to Covid-19 (Coronavirus) rules in Turkey. With this detailed information, you will be able to travel safely in Turkey and understand everything related to the pandemic.

You are allowed to enter Turkey now for tourism. That means you are able to spend your vacation in the Antalya province at anytime, if your country permits travel (to and from Turkey). You can stay at your favorite Antalya Resort and participate in your favorite activities with your family or friends, without any restrictions.

Of course, the Turkish government is very active in the fight against Covid-19, which means you will still have few "rules" or guidelines to follow if you want to be safe and comfortable on your holiday.

Entry into Turkey is currently possible without proof of vaccination or PCR test. Also filling out an entry form is currently not required.

On this page, you will read more about the latest rules, the HES-Code requirements for travelers, questions about PCR-Tests in Antalya, and the current entry regulations in detail

The Latest Rules

to Visit Turkey

Is My Hotel a Safe Tourism Certified Hotel?

Hotels can apply every year for Safe Tourism Certification issued by the Turkish Government and international agencies. You can find the list of certified hotels in Turkey in the link below.

Rules at the Airports in Antalya

There are two Airports in Antalya province, the main Antalya Airport AYT and the Alanya-Gazipasa Airport in the eastern part of the province.

Antalya AYT Covid-19

Antalya AYT Airport is the main airport in the province. Here's the link to their current information about Covid-19. 

Alanya-Gazipasa Covid-19

Alanya-Gazipasa Airport is the second airport in the province, for the region of Alanya in the east. Here's the airport's information.

Where to Find Government Information

Cases: The current number of Covid-19 tests, cases, and the number of patients are published on the Turkish Ministry of Health's homepage.

Timeline of Cases: The timeline of tests, cases, and the number of patients are published here on the Turkish  Ministry of Health's website. 

Cases per Province: The province map of cases in Turkey is only available in the Turkish language version of the Covid-19 overview from the Turkish Ministry of Health. There you can also view the current number of positive tests in Antalya. 

Covid-19 Insurance: There is government supported insurance for Covid-19 treatment in Turkey for tourists. The website is CovidInsurance4Turkey.com

How Can I Get Tested in Antalya?

Find all the necessary information about PCR tests in Antalya and learn how to get tested for COVID-19 safely and to conform to airport requirements.

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