HES Code in Turkey: Guide for Your Trip to Antalya 

Last Updated on August 9, 2022
HES Code in Turkey (Editorial)

In this complete guide to the HES Code in Antalya, you will find all the information you need to understand, obtain, and use your HES Code in Turkey.

What is a HES Code? Where do I get my HES Code?  Do I still need a HES Code? Where will I need to use my HES Code in Antalya? You will find answers to these questions below.

Before starting, don't forget that to travel in and out of Antalya, you will need a PCR Test in English. Find more information about the PCR test in Antalya.

What is a HES Code?

The Hayat Eve Siğar (HES) Code was created by the Turkish Ministry of Health in order to reduce the number of Covid-19 cases in Turkey.  

It is a personal code used as part of the Covid-19 measures that tracks your contact with other people to alert you if you have had contact with a positive patient.

The HES code was used for entering Turkey, using public transport, visiting some tourist attractions, and other things.

How do I get a HES Code for Tourists

Do Tourists need a HES Code?

No, tourists no longer need a HES Code when traveling to Turkey.

The HES code, which was automatically generated when filling out the entry form, is no longer required for entry into the country as of March 2022. In addition, the use of the code has been lifted in all institutions (see more below).

HES Code in Turkey

Where Will I Need My HES Code in the Antalya Province?

As mentioned before, as of March 2022 you no longer need a HES Code to enter Turkey. 

Check our article on the full review of COVID-19 Rules in Turkey.

Antalyakart for Antalya Public Transportation (Editorial)

How Do I Link My HES Code to My Public Transportation Card?

To be able to use public transportation in Antalya, you needed to link your individual HES Code to your public transportation card. At present, however, this is not necessary.

Now you know what a HES Code is and how to get it. Please let us know in the comments if you encountered difficulties and ask us any related questions.

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  • Very confusing and contradictory statements about the need for a HES code to enter and travel within Turkey. One article says you need it and the very next article says you do not????

    • Hi Barry,
      thank you for reaching out.
      Accoridn to the actual valid local law, you don’t need a HES code at the moment.
      Wish you a nice stay in Antalya and a safe flight back home

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