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Last Updated on August 23, 2021
PCR Test in Antalya in Turkey

Most countries require passengers returning from Turkey to present a negative PCR test before departure from Turkey in order to enter their country.

In order for you to have a pleasant vacation in Antalya, as well as a stress-free return flight, we will answer the most common questions about PCR Tests in Antalya and give you some useful tips in this complete guide to PCR tests in Antalya.

In this article, find out about our partner Medclinics Turkey, providing secure PCR Tests in the laboratory or at your hotel, at the BEST price in Antalya and surroundings, thanks to our 5% discount !

Do your PCR testing in the lab or the lab comes to your hotel, home or Airbnb without any effort. 

More information below !

Where Can I Take the PCR test in Antalya?

1. State Hospitals in the Antalya Province

Corona Virus Test Tent in Antalya Turkey

The tests in hospitals are usually done in tents in the open air to prevent the spread of the virus.

You can have your COVID-19 Antigen PCR test done at state hospitals in Antalya. However, taking a PCR test in state hospitals is not highly recommended, as you can expect the following disadvantages: 


  • One disadvantage is the language barrier that is prevalent in many places in Antalya’s state hospitals. Since many Turkish people still do not speak English as a second language, there may be communication problems.
  • Furthermore, you should be prepared for a long wait time at state hospitals. You will usually have to wait in line for a long time (about 1 to 1.5 hours) to be able to take the PCR test, and then, you will have to wait a comparatively long time until the test result is available.

General information:  

  • Costs:  The fee per PCR test is 250 TL in state hospitals.
  • PCR Test Result Time: Within 24 hours.
  • Hours: In state hospitals you can take the PCR test 24/7.

We don't recommend this way because of the disadvantages mentioned above. At the same price, get a private service, in your language, and with a easier process.

2. Private Clinics (recommended)

Private Clinics in Antalya province

Several private clinics provide Covid-19 tests in Antalya. The basic version is also available for 250 TL. For faster results, no waiting time, and other benefits private clinics charge and extra fee.

In the province of Antalya, you can also be tested in private clinics. It is the recommended choice : Easy, safe and fastest way to get your PCR Test results.


  • Much faster than regular clinics, as there are normally no long waiting lines.
  • Staff speaks English, some also speak German or Russian, which makes communication much easier.
  • Test result is available within a few hours.
  • It's possible to make an appointment. This option is highly recommended, as it allows you to avoid possible waiting times.


  • Even though most private clinics charge the standard price of 250 TL for performing the PCR test, there are a few clinics that charge higher prices. We recommend that you inquire our partner Medclinics Turkey's service, a medical organization that provides safe PCR Tests.

If you book a PCR test with MedClinic Turkey :

  • Reduced Price with a 5% discount through our link 
  • PCR Test Result Time: A few hours
  • Hours: In private clinics, you can get tested around the clock

If your are located in another city close to Antalya or in a specific area of Antalya, Medclinics Turkey can also provide you a PCR test in a private clinic, exactly where you are in the Antalya Province and above. 

Here are the cities where you can do a PCR with the 5% discount : 

With this service, you will get an appointment and make your PCR in Antalya in the most secure and easy way, accompanied by health professionals from the private clinic. 

To get an even more comfortable PCR test in Antalya, you can also order a PCR Test at your hotel. Let's see how it works exactly.

3. PCR Test at your hotel in Antalya Province

Hotels in Antalya Province

Our partner Medclinics Turkey also offers a service of PCR Test in your hotel, at your convenience. Indeed, a medical staff of the private clinic from your area will come to your hotel after you have registered for the PCR test online, they will take a sample then bring it to a laboratory where the PCR test will be evaluated. The test result is received either by email or SMS.


  • Easiest and most stress-free option to get a PCR test done.
  • Thanks to prior registration, there is no waiting time at all and there is also no need to travel to the testing center, which, in turn, can save you precious time.

General Information:

  • Cost: The PCR test costs 250 TL + 150 TL for the driving fee. 
  • PCR Test Result Time: Usually within 3 to 4 hours hours
  • Hours: The test will take place between 8:00 am and 18:00 pm, the laboratory will inform you about the exact time 1 day before your Test.

Here are the area when hotel PCR tests are available in Antalya province :

Your last option is to do your PCR test in the Antalya Airport. This option is not really ideal, here is why.

4. The Antalya Airport

Entrance to the Covid-19 Test Center at Antalya Airport

Entrance to the Covid-19 Test Center at the Antalya Airport

The Antalya Airport offers travelers the opportunity to have pre-flight PCR testing at the Antalya Airport.

You can find the testing center in Terminal 1 Arrivals.  You will pass by it when you arrive at the Antalya Airport. When you are at the exit, just look to the left, and you will see the testing center.

  • Disadvantages:

 The testing center in the Antalya Airport is very busy, which is why you have to expect long wait times here. In addition, you have to wait in several lines, one after the other, to get a number, to pay the testing fee, and then to head to the testing cabins to finally take the PCR test.

Since in many cases, for example for a trip to Germany, you can only fly if you have a negative PCR test result (which is not older than 48 hours), there is a risk of missing the flight if you do not arrive early enough.

You can go to the check-in only when you have your negative test result. You will have to show it along with your travel documents. Please check the current regulations for your country of entry, as well as your airline.

For the check-in itself, you should plan at least 2 hours. Please note, that with almost all airlines you also have to check in your hand luggage, which in turn leads to a longer procedure.

It is also important to note that online check-in is currently not possible at the Antalya Airport. This is due to the fact that the negative PCR test and all other documents must be checked at check-in.

Travelers who wish to take the PCR test at the airport are therefore strongly advised to arrive at the Antalya Airport as early as possible, but at least 6 hours before departure, so that there is enough time for the PCR test, the result from the test, and for check-in.

General Information:

  • Cost: The PCR test costs 170 TL at the Antalya airport. 175 TL for the antigenic test.
  • PCR Test Result Time: On average, the test results come out in 2.5 to 4 hours.
  • Hours: You can take the PCR test 24/7 at the Antalya Airport.

Bottom line

Due to the limited capacity at the Antalya Airport and state hospitals, you can expect a very long wait times. For this reason, it's not highly recommended to take the PCR test at the airport or in state hospitals in Antalya.

The least stressful option is to get tested directly in your own hotel, if this option is offered. Otherwise, it's recommended to have the PCR test done in a private clinic in Antalya.

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