8 Amazing Islands in Antalya You Should See 

Last Updated on November 5, 2023
8 amazing Islands in Antalya in Turkey

What people often don't know is that from Antalya, there are amazing islands to visit.

Indeed, visiting an island for a day is very common. But you have to know which ones are worth it.

In this list below, we compiled the 8 best islands you should see in the Antalya province. You will read about islands with sunken ancient cities, white sandy beaches, and crystal clear water for diving. 

Also, covered here is how you can spend the day on a Greek island. Let's discover them one by one.

1. Kekova Island

Kekova Island in Antalya in Turkey

The island of Kekova and the sunken city, are among the most visited places in the Mediterranean. They are unique historical places both underwater and on land. This area is popular for sailing and a famous stop for Blue Cruises. It can be visited on a daily excursion boat as well.

You should definitely see the sunken city of Simena on the north side of the island overlooking Kaleköy. The ruins of the old streets and buildings under the water can be seen under the clear water. 

There are many interesting places waiting to be discovered in the Kekova region, such as the ruins of Simena and Teimussa and the ruins of the ancient cities of Aperlai and Dolihiste.

From Demre, you can take a private boat trip to Kekova. It is possible to hire a private boat to explore the highlights around Kekova Island. Have an intimate experience while spending time around Kekova. Whether you're interested in taking multiple dips in the water, exploring ruins and caves, or just taking in the sun, you are sure to enjoy your time at sea on a private boat. 

From Kemer to Kekova, explore the sea on a Blue Cruise in Turkey. Discover the marvelous coast of Western Antalya for 7 days with Gulet Blue Cruise. An adventurous trip with history, culture, and nature.  The prices change depending on the month.

From Alanya, discover the Demre, Myra, and Kekova Sunken City Tour. Check out the sunken city of Kekova and the ancient cities of Demre and Myra on a boat. You will also visit St. Nicolas Church and rock tombs with a professional guide.

2. Üç Adalar (Three Islands)

Üc Adalar in Antalya in Turkey

Üç Adalar (Three Islands) is a very famous diving spot located near the town of Kemer in Antalya. Diving sites in Üç Adalar can be reached with a short 30-minute boat ride.

Üç Adalar (Three Islands) is an enormous diving site with 9 reefs and 2 underwater caves. The surfaces of underwater reefs are composed of rocks covered with various marine plants. There are various sized cavities on the surfaces of these walls. One of the largest reefs is Canyon Reef, named after two steep rocks that pass like a canyon.

3. Suluada (Very Popular with Travelers)

Suluada Island beach in Antalya in Turkey

Suluada is one of the best spots to swim in the town of Kumluca in Antalya. With its crystal clear sands and sparkling turquoise waters. You will never need a filter when taking pictures on Suluada!

If you take a boat tour, the first stop is usually Suluada, which is a very unique beauty near Adrasan. It's also called as the "Maldives of the Region" with its clear turquoise waters and white sands.

If the boat goes directly to Suluada, it will take about 40 minutes to reach the island. The water gets its color and clarity from microorganisms called foraminifera on the island.

The boat tour continues in the direction of bays in Adrasan and Cıralı with several swimming breaks and a lunch break.

It's recommended to make your reservation in advance if you want to take a boat tour. Remember, there are two kinds of boat tours from Adrasan. First, Adrasan bays which does not include Suluada, and second, Adrasan bays and Suluada. Make sure there is Suluada on your tour when making your reservation.

4. Kastellorizo (Megísti or Meis)

Ferrys departing from Alanya Harbour

Kastellorizo is a Greek island and municipality of the Dodecanese in the Eastern Mediterranean. It is the closest Greek island to Turkey, only 2.1 km away from Kaş, Antalya.

It's possible to get the island with a 20-minute ferry ride from Kaş. Enjoy the beautiful Greek island that has a lot to offer, including beaches, good food, and wonderful welcoming and amazing landscapes.

The island was famous for visa runs in Antalya until Turkey introduced a law, that tourists are only allowed to stay 90 days within 180 days. Before the change, staying some hours in Kastellorizo, reset the 90 days. 

5. Dolphin Island

Dolphin Island in Antalya in Turkey

Excursions to Dolphin Island depart from Side in Antalya. You can climb aboard to see the lovely dolphins playing and accompanying you on your way, which will make some of the best memories from your trip to Antalya!

You will explore the beautiful sea shore of Side during this full day boat trip while you sunbathe and relax. This tour takes approximately 8 hours and begins from the Side ancient harbor. 

There will be several swimming stops both in the pure waters of Manavgat River and in the sea during the ride. The staff will serve a delicious local lunch on board.

The most striking part of this tour is that there is a chance to see sea turtles and adorable dolphins jumping in the sea some days.

6. Sıçan Adası (Turtle Island)

Turtle Island in Antalya in Turkey

Sıcan Adası can be translated as "Rat Island" and it sometimes called "Turtle Island". It's a small islet between Sarısu Beach and Fisherman's Shelter and is a hidden beauty in Antalya. There is also an island with the same name close to Patara Beach!

It's a popular diving spot close to Antalya city and a famous way point close to Konyaaltı Beach on the way to the beach resorts in Kemer.

7. Beş Adalar (Five Islands)

Beş Adalar in Antalya in Turkey

Beş Adalar (Five Islands) is a group of islands close to Cape Gelidonya, on the southern coast of the Teke Peninsula in Antalya. 

The largest of the 5 islands is called Devecitası Ada (Long Island) and is used as a diving spot with its marvelous underwater beauty and depth.

2 of the 5 islands reach 400-500 feet above sea level, the other three are barren and smaller.

8. Kaş Islands 

Kaş Islands in Antalya in Turkey

You can take a private boat trip to discover the islands around Kaş from Kaş harbor. Güvercin Island (Pigeon Island) is a perfect place to swim and snorkel.

There is a shark sculpture under the water here. Traditional Turkish food is prepared and served on the boat as a delicious lunch along with fresh seasonal fruits, Turkish tea, and other snacks during the day.

Discover Limanagzi Bay and Harbor Mouth Bay with crystal clear waters before sailing to Big Pebble Beach. This place is known for its underground cool water stream. 

To explore more of Antalya, check out our guide to the best beaches in Antalya and our resorts selection in Antalya for an amazing stay.

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