15 Best Things To Do in Avsallar [with Excursions] 

Last Updated on November 5, 2023
İncekum beach in Antalya in Turkey

Your choice to stay in Avsallar is understandable. It has a beautiful landscape with amazing views, affordable resorts with great service, and plenty of activities, including popular day trips.

In this article, you will find our list of the best things to do in Avsallar, including beaches, water sports, historical ruins, and much more.

Keep in mind, Avsallar is a beach resort town. Therefore, most activities require you to book an excursion, or rental car in Antalya, additionally you can use public transportation.

More at the bottom of this page. Let's start with the best activities in Avsallar!

1. Visit İncekum Beach

Incekum Beach in Antalya in Turkey

İncekum Beach is located in Avsallar at the 26th kilometer of the Antalya-Alanya highway.

İncekum means "thin sand" in Turkish, referring the famous sandy beach and sea here. It's the best family friendly beach in Antalya because the water here is very shallow.

It is possible to find free parking area and free section of the beach where you can lay your towels or chairs, in addition to the paid sunbeds and umbrellas.

You can find almost everything you need such as cafeteria, showers, cabins, and WC on the beach.

2. Day Trip to Alanya

Red Tower in Alanya in Antalya in Turkey

It's recommended to start the Alanya historical city tour from the harbor.

You can see the Red Tower and Shipyard right next to the harbor and then climb up to Alanya Castle on the hill.

On the way to the castle, you will see traditional Alanya houses and Damlataş Cave, which is a fascinating beauty with its stalactites and stalagmites. This cave is thought to be beneficial for some diseases such as asthma and rheumatism.

 If you want to see the historical peninsula from the sea, you can take a boat tour. On this trip, boats will stop by interesting caves.

3. Visit Alara Han and Castle

Visit Alara Han Castle in Alanya : History, Access, Touristic Tips

Alara Han is on the Antalya-Alanya route, in the village of Çakallar near the town of Okurcalar.

Alara Han is a historical caravanserai built in the 13th century by the Seljuks. It's an exceptional masterpiece waiting for you to discover the cultural heritage of Alanya. The nearby Alara Castle once was a majestic fortress along the southern silk road in Turkey. 

After Alara Han was restored, it turned into a complex, including a restaurant and entertainment center where Turkish nights are organized.

Before visiting the castle, read the article about Alara Han & Alara Castle.

4. Day Trip to Manavgat Bazaar

Picture Manavgat Bazaar in Antalya in Turkey

Manavgat Bazaar is one of the largest open air markets in Antalya, visited by many tourists who want to witness colorful daily and cultural life in the region. Manavgat local bazaar is set up in the same place every week on Mondays and Thursdays

It offers a variety of products, from clothing to carpets and souvenirs. It is the ideal place to shop when you are in the Antalya Region.

You can get to the Manavgat Bazaar on an organized tour. Some operators will only take you from hotels in Alanya to the bazaar and back. On the other hand, with some excursion plans, you might also see the Manavgat Waterfall and other sights nearby.

This usually includes the old town of Side and the theater in Aspendos

5. Excursion to Side, Aspendos, and Manavgat Waterfall 

Aspendos Ancient Site in Antalya in Turkey

You can plan a full day trip to see the ancient city of Side with the temples of Athena and Apollo, and the magnificent theater of Aspendos.

It is one of the most distinguished representatives of Roman Age theaters today, with its well-preserved condition and architectural features.

If you choose to make this trip with an organized tour, it will be either combined with the famous Manavgat Bazaar, where you can find many things such as souvenirs, clothes, spices, fresh fruits, and vegetables, or the marvelous Manavgat Waterfall. 

The itinerary depends on which excursion you book. Some have Side, Aspendos, and the waterfall, some have Side, Aspendos, and the bazaar. This is also related to Manavgat Bazaar's weekly market. 

6. Stay at a Beach Resort

Beach Resorts in Antalya in Turkey

Famous for its İncekum and Fuğla beaches, Avsallar is a small but highly preferred holiday destination in Alanya.

Starting with the town of Avsallar and continuing to the Alara River, the region attracts a lot of attention with its pine and cedar trees and golden beaches that descend to the sea.

The İncekum region has the features that are sought by those who do not like the crowd of Alanya center and want to have a relaxing holiday. Here, facilities are lined up along the beach like a set.

Avsallar has a unique 10 km long sandy beach where you can find various forms of accommodation from all inclusive hotels to boutique hotels and homestays.

7. Spend the Day in Antalya

kaleici streets in antalya in turkey

The historical city center called "Kaleiçi" (or Old Town in English) sheds light on the cultural heritage of Antalya where you can feel the spiritual and historical influences on the city. 

Getting to know Antalya should start from Kaleiçi (Old Town), which is the historical city center. Hadrian's Gate, Hıdırlık Tower, Yivliminare Mosque, Kesik Minaret, and Kaleiçi with its narrow streets and historical houses, and the ancient marina covers an area of approximately 1 km in diameter.

It is quite easy to explore all of it on foot.

8. Manavgat River Cruise and Waterfall

boat on the manavgat river in Antalya in Turkey

Witness the unique beauty of the region by taking the cruise on Manavgat River.

You can book a full-day tour of the famous Grand Bazaar in Manavgat and an amazing cruise along the Manavgat River.

You can enjoy the sun and cool off by swimming at the spot where the river pours to the sea. A barbecue lunch is usually served on board.

You will be given about 1.5 hours free time in Manavgat city center to visit the Blue Mosque and find various souvenirs from the Manavgat Grand Bazaar.  

9. Water Sports on the Beach

The Antalya Watersport Guide

If you are seeking an adventure by the sea, Avsallar has you covered with many opportunities like parasailing, banana-boats, pedalos, flyboarding, and scuba diving.

You can book an excursion for the activity you want to try from the expert water sports companies in the region. You will be supported by a professional during your ride, if needed, according to the activity you choose.

Here's our guide to water sports in Antalya.

10. Jeep-Safari in the Taurus Mountains

Jeep Safari in the Taurus Mountains in Antalya in Turkey

Jeep-Safaris are among the most popular tours in Antalya.

Daily jeep safari tours from Avsallar are organized by agencies specialized in this field. It's possible to rent a jeep with a guide or ride on your own. You can also join a convoy of 20 - 30 vehicles. 

An adventurous ride on the muddy, mountainous roads in the forest is waiting for you! There will be swimming breaks in the rivers to cool off and stops in the villages.

This is a different way to explore the villages in the Taurus Mountains.

Read More:

11. Visit the Land of Legends Theme Park with Your Children

The Land of Legends Theme Adventure Park Family Coaster in Turkey

The Land of Legends is a huge entertainment park located near Belek, at about 1 kilometer away from the coast.

It's the most popular theme park in the whole Antalya Region and attracts close to 2 million people from all around the world each year. This family park is definitely a place not to miss in Antalya.

Upon entering the resort, you are immediately taken into the world of fairy tales.

The resort is also called the Disneyland of Antalya for a good reason: it offers a wonderful space to let go of restraints and activate the imaginations of both children and parents.

12. Excursion to Pamukkale, UNESCO World Heritage Site 

Pamukkale Antalya Turkey

Pamukkale is a geological formation in the province of Denizli, in southwestern Turkey, about 241 km from Antalya.

It's known for hot springs and white travertine, which forms natural pools from the carbonate minerals contained in the water. It was given the name "Pamukkale" which means "cotton castle" because of this natural formation. 

The glorious ancient city of Hierapolis stands right next to the travertines. Most of the ruins date back to the Roman period. Pamukkale and Hierapolis were added to the UNESCO World Heritage List in 1988. 

You can visit the ancient site with a massive necropolis and a well preserved theater, swim in the ancient thermal pools and witness the beauty of the travertines in Pamukkale by attending a trip from Antalya.

13. Visit Myra, Kekova Island, and St. Nicholas Church

St Nicholaos of Myra in Antalya in Turkey

Myra is an ancient city located in the Kale (Demre) district of Antalya.

It is especially famous for the Lycian Period rock tombs, the Roman Period theater, and the Byzantine Period St. Nicholas Church (Santa Claus). Saint Nicholas was the bishop in Myra, so the city maintained its reputation throughout the Middle Ages. 

Kekova is a small rocky island of Kaleköy and Üçağız near the Demre district in Antalya. It's the largest Turkish island in the Mediterrenean.

The island of Kekova and the Sunken City, are some of the most visited places in the Mediterranean, both unique historical places underwater and on land.

14. Local Bazaar in Avsallar

Traditional Turkish ceramics on the Grand Bazaar

The local bazaar in Avsallar is set up on Karacaltı Street every Wednesday.

You can visit the local bazaar to experince the daily life of local people. The farmers sell their fresh fruits and vegetables in the bazaar. You can also find clothing, bags, and many other things in this bazaar.

15. Rafting in Köprülü Canyon

rafting at Koprulu Kanyon in Antalya in Turkey

Spend a day at Turkeys largest rafting center in Köprülü Canyon. Köprülü Canyon National Park is 80 km from Antalya City Center and 92 km from Avsallar.

Have you ever tried rafting on a boat that drifts through ice-cold waters? If you haven't tried it yet, turn your attention to Köprülü Canyon. You will have the most amazing and refreshing experience available.

Köprülü Canyon is one of the popular attractions in Antalya and gathers hundreds of tourists every day in the summer. 

To visit all these amazing places, you will probably want to rent a car. Please check out our guide on renting a car from Antalya. You can also get information about transport in the Antalya Region.

Now you know everything you need to know before going to Avsallar. These are the most important attractions in and around town.

If you liked this article, mention it in the comments below and make sure to check other towns and things to do in the Antalya Province:

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